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Suicide seems like the only option

Tired of being the one that everyone takes advantage of use me up the one I have nothing left to give no one’s around that’s it for days and weeks staring at the walls tired of being used there when I need someone to talk to or just to hang out I have no one


Hi Dani
You are really in a tough spot and I am sorry you are feeling the way you do. I really get it. It can be a very devastating all consuming feeling but please reach out and get the help you need. If you feel like hurting yourself right now please call a suicide hotline. You dont deserve to suffer like this. Yes suicide is an option but it is not the only option. It is also a very final one so you should give a try to the other ones first. Get the help of a proffesional. Take all the time you need to recover. We are here to listen if you want to talk about your troubles more.


Consider the option of not letting others take advantage and use you up. If you let others use you up, you have nothing to give yourself.

Rather than take your life, give yourself some life, in the form of self-care.

You sound lonely. I know it’s not the same as having people in the same room with you, but you can talk to us. It sounds really uncomfortable to have people around who’d use you up, but no one to talk to.

Being the one “everyone takes advantage of,” suggests to me that you might have difficulty telling others how you are feeling, or saying what you need to in order to get your needs met.

Weigh thoughts of suicide against the more hopeful option of working towards more assertiveness. Don’t try to do it entirely alone. Talk to a counselor or therapist, even someone at school. You can throw a curve at those who’ve taken advantage of you by asking them for help in not letting that happen.

Like unseen stars on a cloudy night, options can’t be seen when hidden by emotional clouds.

Don’t give up. Life is full of possibilities.