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Taking a break from HS


I’ve been volunteering here for a while now and I truly do love HS and what it stands for. But right now I will not be a part of the community for a while.

It’s beautiful to see such a wonderful community grow, but with that happening I feel so behind. I’m going to be honest and say at times I have been so addicted to HS, and that’s the only way I can put it.

I thought if I gave out that people would love me and respect me and care. And yeah, people do, but this is just something I can’t do right now.

I really thought that I would have HS be a part of my life forever, but things change and I’ve changed. HS has helped me a lot, and I’ll be forever grateful. But for now I need to step away.

I hope to be back some day, but right now I don’t know when that will be.

See you all around.


I think this is really healthy. Whether it’s HS or from the internet as a whole, sometimes taking a step back is really healthy! There are so many wonderful things about this community and a lot of lovely people. But there are also aspects to it that could quickly be overwhelming to your own emotional and mental health if you are not careful. Like over committing to reaching out before making sure you yourself are in a good mental place. Helping people can feel so good and be so good for your own health, but it can also be triggering and hurtful if you aren’t careful. Whatever the reason you need to step back, I support you.
You are welcome to add me on discord so we can talk outside of HS, you are welcome to keep me on FB so we can stay connected, or you can delete me if you just need to pull away. And I will NOT be offended!

I love you girl. You are so wonderful. Whether you graduate from HS and not end up coming back or if you just take a break and come back later, you are always welcome. I hope that you were able to gain some friendships that you can keep in all of it, but if not I hope you at least feel some personal growth.

So much love for you



Hey Lys,

Although our circumstances of why and how we stepped away from heart support, I’m here to tell you that I love you a lot and I see you. Stepping away for me lead to lots of healing, and lead to me growing as an individual and learning to work through things on my own.

Lys you know what the org stands for and you know that you are always welcome back and you will forever and always be loved by the members of this community. You made such a huge impact in my life and I will forever be here if you want someone to just listen, or someone to catch up with. I love you Lys and I believe in you.

Hold fast, you’re worth it



I am going to miss you. You are welcome to come back again. This community and I will be waiting. Heh. Take good care of yourself, my friend.


Please take care of yourself Lyss. I hope that you are making this decision because it’s what’s best for you and what will help your healing. However, I hope it’s not because you feel unheard or unloved on here. I love you so much and like I’ve said before you feel like my little sister.

Please know that if you ever feel hurt or lost we are always here for you. I’ll still message you on insta and fb because I love you so much and I’ll miss you too much lol. Also, if you ever need ANYTHING I am always here for you. You have my number. <3

Love forever and always,