Telling my parents

I’m at a point where I’ve been clean for a few weeks, and I’ve gotten the things that would risk my streak away, so that I stay clean. I’m not at 100% but I feel better.

I’m new to these forums, so I’m not sure if I’m allowed to ask for advice. If I’m not, I can take this down.
I’m wondering how I can tell my mom. She’s supportive and has a general understanding that my mental health isn’t great, but has no idea about this. I have no idea how she will react, and I don’t want her to think I’m in danger right now (especially since I’ve worked hard to make sure that I can’t put myself in danger).

Have any of you told your parents? How did you do it?


You are more than welcome to ask advice on this forum and others. Now I told my parents once and I did it by just telling them. Sadly I don’t have any advice other than try it out on other people that you trust. I wish you the best of luck.

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hi and Welcome! Thanks for sharing with us!
Really glad to hear you’re doing better. I hope you can get some great advice here. I don’t have any, just came to throw some confetti to welcome you in :smiley:

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Hey @vera,

Asking for advice here is absolutely okay! Sharing perspectives and experiences is why this place exist. So we can be reminded that we are not alone in our struggles, and vulnerability is key.

It’s great that your mom is understanding already regarding your mental health. Not every parent is inclined to take that in account. It sounds that you really have an ally and support in her.

Considering to reach out to her more specifically is very brave of you, and you definitely have all of our support to follow that direction. As for how to reach out to her, maybe just try to make sure that she will be available and would focus on your conversation the moment you decide to reach out - ask her for a bit of her time because you need to talk to her about something that matters to you. That way, she’d be already a bit prepared mentally that it would be an important conversation. Regarding your fear that she might think you’re in danger, I’d say two things are important to keep in mind: 1/ she might express the fact that she’s worried, but that’s okay - that would only means she loves you and wants the best for you; 2/ being honest and open about your fears is in itself a way to communicate. Let her know by yourself what you just said here: that you don’t want ther to think you’re in danger because you’re not. She’ll probably want to understand more, and maybe would ask questions, and through that conversation you’ll give her the keys to understand how things are. Keep in mind that, basically, she doesn’t know what you go through. But by listening to you, she would make the effort to try to understand, and you’re the one who can help her for that.

Be honest, be real, don’t be afraid to tell her what are your needs, why you reach out to her and what you expect from her. That way, you will help them to understand what she could do to help you, which would also help reduce her own potential fears.

You got this. :hrtlegolove:


Hi vera.
Thanks for posting. You are more than welcomed to ask for advice. That is why this forum exists. To give support and advice to people. Tho this advice does not come from professionals it comes from people who have dealt with similar problems as yourself.

I have to tell you that telling my parents the first time did not go that great but since then they have been quite understanding and supportive. I would say my dad more then my mum but that is because he is more emphatic than her.

I cant say if you should tell her. That depends if you think it will help. But if you are afraid for your health and you trust your mum then tell her. She can help. It is better than if she discovered on her own. If you think your mum will understand then tell her. It is important to get support when we need it. :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope this helped

Take care


Hey friend, you have had some great advice from others. I just want to jump in to say think about how you want to tell your mum. Do you want to do it face to face? Write a letter? Over the phone? Do it how you think you’d feel most comfortable, and if you’re doing it over the phone or face to face, maybe send her a text that morning saying hey mum what time are you free later so I can speak with you?
Welcome to Heartsupport :slight_smile: