Terrified about the future of the planet

I am so scared of what the future holds. Mankind will continue to expand and what will happen? No one is doing anything about climate change. Plastic and pollution is littering our seas, causing innocent sea turtles and whales to drown. The oceans are severely overfished. How many species of unique and beautiful animals and nature are we going to let die? I know there is goodness in people. But sometimes I just can’t trust humanity with our beautiful green planet. We put amazing animals in way too small cages to stare and point at and trap them there for years on end, like ocras and dolphins and lions, until they commit suicide. There’s a lot less snow here than there was when I was a kid. I have always loved and admired animals. I read about them ever since I was a kid and there was always that section - endangerment because of deforestation, pollution, hunting, habitat loss. Is everything I love going to disappear? And what about us? How long are we going to ignore the planet heating up? What about our population? It grows too much, too fast and before you know it we’re all out of space. In some cities, people can’t even get clean water. I’m scared. Will my future children and grandchildren be okay?
There is so many things special about our planets. We continually make up things to entertain us and keep us happy but all we need to be happy is right outside and it’s being destroyed. Sky pollution and I can hardly see any stars anymore. Noise pollution and the frogs’ singing from the nearby pond is gone. Animals aren’t just machines of instinct with no emotion. They deserve to live as much as we do. They feel pain. Will my children ever see a live panda or tiger in the wild? Will there even be a wild? How long will it be until there is no more fish or turtles or whales or dolphins or ocras in the sea? How long will it take until the sea turns black with oil? How many creatures have died or lost their homes because of oil drilling? I’m scared. I don’t want our blue planet to turn gray. I can’t do anything. Everyone is so focused on technology and everything else, I just don’t want to see one more tree fall, one more innocent creature slaughtered so a woman can have a pretty purse or a man can boast he killed a bear. It’s hard to believe in humanity, even though I know there is goodness, when sharks’ fins are cut off while they are conscious and then they are just dumped back in the ocean to drown slowly.


I can absolutely understand that fear. Actually, I know a song about that fear exactly (It’s called I’ll make cereal, by cavetown). It’s scary to think about the fact that we’re killing our own planet. It’s not too late to save it, but a lot of people don’t want to. It’s scary. Some people are even calling this the 6th extinction. It’s bad. It’s really bad. Humans are very selfish creatures, and now that we realize we’ve doomed ourselves, we try to change. I know it’s horrible, and it’s hard to see the good in the world, but look at human interactions. Those who DO care. The ones who care for the planet, and animals, and each other. It’s in those people we can find the good in the world.


Thank you @TheRats for replying. What you say gives me hope. I have always assumed the worst about people because bad friendship and bullying experiences in my childhood. I’ll be sure to listen to that song. Again, thank you.


I think the jury is out, Mother Nature being the jury. At some point, she may decide “okay, I’ve had enough.” Then her condition may not be able to sustain life. If that happens, over time, ecology will rebalance, and perhaps some other sentiment life may emerge.

A person can become easily overwhelmed by thinking about all the bad stuff that humanity is doing to our planet. Anxiety related to all the nasty things we’re doing can be debilitating. Yet if we allow ourselves to be debilitated by anxiety and despair, we will be in no condition to put forth any effort to help the planet heal.

If each of us do what we can to reduce resource consumption and pollution, it will make a difference, especially if we can convince others to do the same.

I’m very glad that you care about the planet. I’m sorry that such caring has caused you to feel distressed.

Thank you for saying what so many of us have on our mind.

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Hey @Bvblover16,

Thank you so much for being here and sharing all of this. You mentioned a lot of very important things happening in our world right now and your concerns are more than valid. I think it actually resonates with the heart of a lot of people as well, and I include myself in those. Whenever I think about our environment and the way we treat the place we’re living in, I can’t help but seeing some kind of crazy obstination in the way we live: beyond our means, in a gargantuan way… and indeed, it is really vertiginous. This question you ask, especially:

Will my future children and grandchildren be okay?

Man. Even beyond the personal question of having children or not, I can’t help but wondering, at my own level, if I’d like to give birth to someone who’d live in such a destructive world.

Oftentimes I have kind of philosophical conversations with my dad, and he can’t help but repeating that even for him, it’s scary to know that just during his own life the world population has tripled. He’s 60+ and often feels sorry for our generation. Not easy to keep hope when we feel overwhelmed by such gigantic issues!

Though nature itself can be very inspiring, and I find it personally encouraging to look at her more closely, beyond all the ugliness happening. Not to ignore the reality of our world right now, but just to create more balance in the way we perceive both darkness and beauty around us. Just because it’s incredibly important, as individuals, to not let ourselves drown by anxiety either.

I personally believe that nature is inherently stronger than us. When we pay enough attention, we can witness how much nature is resilient. For sure, destruction grows faster than growth itself, but ultimately we’re insignificant in the grand scheme of the universe.

If not with us, this world will keep existing until it’s own disappearance, and maybe evolve in ways we can’t even conceive right now. The Earth timeline is extremely long and slow, unlike ours. If not in our capacity to repair the damages, I believe in mother nature’s strength and its own capacity to rise again through the ashes. For example, it’s incredibly inspiring to see how much nature is actually thriving in Chernobyl. It has reclaimed its own land and rights. Even if there’s still a lot of uncertainties, it’s a work in progress. Nature keeps creating its own miracles, no matter what. Probably why we should remain humble and astonished by its very special beauty. There is peace and a deep sense of grounding to find in its consistent capacity to grow and adapt through the seasons. :hrtlegolove:

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