Thank you and fun stuff

Everyone who has replied to me and who is in swat and who has become a part of this community has helped me so much. I don’t know how to thank you all.
From where I started to where I am, I know I’m not perfect and I know I still struggle, but holy baby jesus, I’m alive and I’m happy.
Also I had a date last weekend! Haha it was awkward and fun. She’s a sweet person and I know that I’m not the person I aim to be fully, but you and her have helped me so much. Of course my aunt has taken a shiiiit load of the brunt and deserves all the credit as well.
Look at me being happy and shit.


Hey, lol yes indeed look at you!!! this post really made me smile, thank you so much for that my friend and thank you for coming into our lives and enriching it with your words, your personality, your humour, your kindness and your love. Its a pleasure and a joy to know you and have you as a member of SWAT.

I am very excited to hear that you had a date too, thats wonderful news, it sounds like it went really well, I look forward to hearing how it develops. You aunt sounds pretty awesome too.

No one is perfect who and life is indeed a struggle but you are doing a fantastic job so keep doing what you are doing cos its so great to see you being happy and shit :wink:.
Much Love Lisa. x :green_heart:


You are such a joy and I’m so proud of you!
I hope you’re proud of yourself too, you definitely should be.
You’re a kind and thoughtful person.

Cute date!! I hope it was really wonderful for you both and I hope that wherever this relationship heads that you’ll both feel loved and cared for.

As Lisa said, we love seeing you happy and shit :relaxed:


@Lisalovesfeathers this is for you :joy:

Dates have gone really well. The first one was awkward. We have definitely hung out before, I think the fact that it was labelled an actual date made me very nervous.
I wanted to take her for a picnic and there was a lot of bugs, which I totally forgot some repellent. I also forgot a few other things like knife so we used forks to hack at cheese and that kind of thing.
She was very understanding and had very wonderful humour about it, so it was a nice time all in all. She has a very easy way of making people feel comfortable and no silence feels weird.
The next date we went on was a bit more casual and fun, we did touristy things because it’s fun and every now and again you forget to enjoy those things. So we started the day going to a market, then going for a paddle board and ice cream. We decided to hang around have a drink and a bit of something to eat and we discovered they were doing the after dark ghost tour, so we decided to get on board with that.
She bought me a bee magnet because she’s into bees and the environment and it was for a good cause, which made me smile very much.

So I hope that was just enough detail! Haha.


wow I absolutely love the sounds of both of your dates, you know the fact that you forgot the knife and had to use forks to cut the cheese up is a funny story you will always remember and refer back to with a smile. I love that. Also the fact that you are able to sit together and not have uncomfortable silences is fabulous, that is exactly what you want with someone, a level of comfort where you dont have to be talking constantly for fear that they are unhappy or wondering what thy are thinking, just to let things be and allow things to happen organically.
You know it sounds to me like you are courting this girl, you appear to be doing everything right, the dates, the fun trips and experiences, getting to know her and vice versa and both finding out what eachother enjoys, that is exactly what its all about. I am so beyond happy for you my friend, keep doing what you are doing, take it a day at a time and most importantly really enjoy it. Cant wait to hear more. lol Much Love Lisa. x


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