Thank You, Everyone

Hello everyone :slight_smile:
This is just saying thank you for all the support I’m getting. Thank you for everyone who took time out of their day to respond to me and my problems. Again thank you everyone. :heart:



@Olivegarden Thank you for just being you! Heart Support truly is an amazing place full of loving people who just want to help those who are also suffering. I hope you are having a wonderful day so far and that any pain is far away right now! Stay strong and keep hope alive! :slight_smile:

First of all, absolutely! You’re welcome! Thank you for sharing with us and giving us the opportunity to hear your story! You are important and cared for and we want to be an encouragement for you!

Secondly, I love Olive Garden breadsticks! Now I’m hungry for them! I guess I know where I want to go for my birthday haha, thanks for that.

  • Kitty

So glad you’re a part of this community

Hey OliveGarden,

Just want to say welcome to the Heart Support forums, I am so glad that you found them, and that you’ve found it as a safe place to reach out and get support. We are here for you, we want to walk along side you in whatever you are going through! Please don’t ever hesitate to reach out and please remember you are loved, and your life matters!

Hold Fast, You’re Worth It,