Thanks heartsupport

thanks for being around, feen been frozen in life carbonite so long just breathing and having any feelings i struggle with, i hear so many sad stories here, i wish i had more stories, even bad ones


I know you don’t really wish you had more bad stories. Try to create the good ones in your world and know your story is special and unique! Reach out and dream- your future has so much potential and hope

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I lied, ive had bad stories…recent ones too. Just in last few years i havent cared about anything except communities like HS & Twitch.

Congratulate yourself on that- HS is a good community to hang round and healthy. Try to breathe through the sad stuff and then give some good things your attention too. I know it’s hard, friend but allow yourself to dream and create the good stories. Take care!

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Everyone has stories. Not every story is fighting dragons. Some stories are short and brief, like how you went to the store and saw something you liked and didnt know existed. Or this catchy tune you heard that wormed into your head.

One of the people in my industry I like once told me “Everyone has a story, we get to fill in the pages” so remember, just because you arent fighting dragons while lightning strikes and crazy 80’s metal plays, doesnt mean you arent writing your own story one day at time.

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