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Thanks, Ricky. I’ve been passing through some depressive episodes, and it was everything I needed to read. You were the first person I’ve ever saw talking about the importance of asking for help, and I can’t tell how much it saved me from thousand of things, as well as making me comfortable to cry. Thank you, Ricky :black_heart:

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Love this so much - there is something so powerful about someone SHOWING you it’s okay to be not okay. Demonstrating it with their life, not just their words. Especially when you respect them. Powerful.

It’s hard to go through depressive episodes - it feels like life is so heavy. And when things get heavy, you feel less willing to do hard things, which makes things feel heavier. It can be a very slow downward spiral. Like watching your life slip away, like molasses pouring down a drain. You are WATCHING it happen, but you feel powerless to change it. And a lot of people don’t understand it. It’s like - why don’t you just do something about it? But they don’t understand the GRAVITY you fight against just to get out of bed, just to keep one foot in front of the other. It feels like you are using 100% of what you have just to keep going. But when every day gets harder, you can’t go as far, and slowly, it feels almost impossible just to move. And when you’re in that place, after being there for so long, it feels like you lose touch with what actually triggered all of this. It just feels like everything is broken and you have no options, no alternatives. It is such a hard place to be in.

Which is why reaching out is so valuable! Because when you get out of your own head, someone else can help you with perspective…first to remind you how strong you are that you are HERE. That you’ve chosen to keep going. And to celebrate that with you. But also, they can help show you where you’ve been winning, where you’ve been courageous. They can trace your struggles back to things that help make sense of your pain, and understanding yourself and your situation can finally re-align things that have been out of order, and create change.

So props to you for not only seeing this post but saying something about it. Strong work. Way to go! Thank you for your strength and perseverance in hard times. You are stronger than you might realize!

@heartsupportwall thank you so much for this. I teared up while reading. Those were so important words for me, that I really needed to read today. Thank you for this, honestly. It have made my day better :black_heart::black_heart: