That last line hits me hard every single time that

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That last line hits me hard every single time. That’s me. Fake smiles and laughs. I haven’t smiled in Years.


hey friend, i’m so sorry that you haven’t been able to smile in years. the fake smiles and laughs are what some have to do to mask the pain to others but please know that i see you, i hear you, and i understand you. it can be so hard to feel genuine happiness sometimes. i’m wishing with all i got that something or someone can cross your path to make you smile and laugh. you deserve to smile and laugh! you have infinite worth and value and i’m so thankful you’re here.

I think it’s very brave and admirable to open up and put a voice to feeling like you’ve been having to put on a fake smile.
I know that in life I have had to put on a smile for show, so I can empathise with how hard you are fighting. It feels at times like if you break then everything will crumble down around you.

I hope that you find the space and the people who you can have a break from having to put the aires on for and feel authentically how you need to feel.

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Hi there, I’m really sorry to hear that you’re feeling this way. Faking a smile to please others or to make it seem like you are okay is really tough. I want you to know that I hear you and am happy you reached out. Holding on to the little things in life that make you happy or feel good is so important. Saying how you feel is the first step, so I am so glad you are here! I hope you come across a new hobby, friend, or even a show that makes you laugh. You matter, and you deserve all the happiness in the world.

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Thank you all for real. Life is a very difficult road for many of us. I try to find moments and people I can confide in when things are overwhelming. However I’ve noticed the people who once were of qualities that were trustworthy have evolved into people who are easily triggered, find ways to make things about them, and have traded Empathy for Apathy. I have been in isolation since my circle of friends at the time exposed their true intentions and intentionally sabotaged my relationships with many people. I was always able to get along with just about everyone. When certain people find out you don’t beef with people they beef with it tends to be a rough explanation of neutrality and loyalty. I just found this channel earlier today. Anyone who reacts to Slipknot gets a listen few get a sub. The sub was our hosts ability to explain things on the psychological level. I find that fascinating. I have always wanted to Crack into my own psychology and figure out why I am the way I am.


For me its the “You want a real smile, or the one i used to practice not to feel like a failure”. That hits every time