The college discussion?

This will be very short.

I’m 20 I keep getting this strong pressure to go to college, go to a community college or something to do with college *spoiler alert I don’t think I want to, but now I’m second guessing myself.

I’m really into art and just want to pursue something in that field but not sure what that would even be. art is what I love, I wouldn’t be here if I couldn’t create things.

Is it possible for me to get a good art education without college freaking me out? Any help would be much appreciated.


Hey friend, sorry to hear you’re being pressured to pursue college. I will say that certainly, college is not for everyone. If you’re heart is not in it, it’s certainly hard to make it through.

That being said, it doesn’t hurt to look into it or get more information (especially from a community college). I only say this because you say you love art and want to pursue the arts, and there are so many avenues that you can take art. What kind of art do you enjoy? What interests you? Maybe your local CC has some specific art classes that might interest you, so couldn’t hurt to just look into it.

I’m not really sure I understand your last question: “Is it possible for me to get a good art education without college freaking me out?” College can definitely be hard, but if you find something about art that you want to pursue through college it could be worth it. Maybe there are also local classes or something you could find instead? I’m just throwing out ideas here. Just remember, nothing worth having comes easy.

Let us know how it goes, good luck! Hold fast.



Hey friend,

The perspective of college and finding your way in this life can be stressful and let arise many doubts. It’s very healthy to ask yourself this kind of questions, to think about what you want to do and the possibilities that you have!

It sounds that art is really something that drives you, something that is a huge part of your life. It is indeed possible to make your passion something more concrete in your life. And I have to say: it’s really awesome to know what you want to do, also to have a passion for something like this. It will definitely help you to overcome the obstacles that may arise along your journey.

May I ask what stresses you in the idea of maybe going to college? If this pressure that you feel comes from you or someone else? Right now, it could be worth it to try to seek all the informations you need about art classes or studies near where you live, so you could have an idea of what are your different possibilities. Maybe there are even services who might be able to guide you and give you all the informations that you need. College is certainly not the only way, if it’s something you’re not willing to try. Nowadays, we are lucky enough to have many possibilities for studying something, whether it’s through collective lessons or by ourselves.

Hold fast. :heart:

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Hey friend, maybe you could go to the college or online and just kinda check what your options are. Call someone and talk to them about it. You could write down the pros and cons of each option and really see which one could work for you! You could also look into online classes if you wanted.

It sounds like you have some things you are really passionate about so maybe it would be worth trying. I know it can be scary and some days it’ll be a challenge, but it may be worth it friend! Something that a lot of my college friends do while they get through school is see a therapist. It helps keeps them balanced along the way. There is absolutely no shame in that!

So maybe just sit down and talk to someone about the classes and your options. You may find something that works for you! <3

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