The crap never stops

Just got told today that there’s now a twitch account with their panels and offline screen as my nudes that got leaked a year and a half ago. Why the hell am I even trying to make a life for myself and be happy? I lost everyone I’ve loved, and now this. I’m so over everything. Nothing I do matters anymore… I’m so tired of this life.

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If this is true then the account will be taken down. With as big as Twitch is they won’t let a page like that stay up.

It is true. They sent me the link, it was there. I saw it. I’m not lying. Doesn’t make the situation any less shitty. It’s been viewed 174 times. It’s bullshit. It’s not fair.

The way you typed your message makes me feel like you think I’m lying and I’m not.

I’m not saying you’re lying.