The emptiness

I believe more than medication moral support is important, When you are suffering from stuff like this you need people on whom you can rely no matter what. But this isn’t first time that few people left me again Including my gf and a close friend. When I needed someone to hear me out they just vanished. My gf left me coz she couldn’t take anymore the way I behaved with her ( I don’t blame her) she just couldn’t understand the thing I am suffering from. My best friend also left me all I have got now is my family. I know they love and care about me but sometimes I just miss some people… There’s is nothing I could have done to keep them in my life… My mental health issues started when my first gf left me in 2017 and took almost 1.6 years to get back normal. This time things are different, I suffer from anxiety issues I’m suffering from Deprsonilzation ( I feel like I’m not alive anymore, sometimes I feel like I’m watching a dream) . This emptiness and loneliness is sucking me more but I won’t give up


I’m really proud of you. You seem to have done a lot of work to understand your own mental health and there is a strong fighting spirit in your words. We like having you here, and you’ve shared so much motivation and positivity. Hopefully we can support you and listen to you and help provide that listening ear you need.


but I won’t give up

That’s very powerful. Because giving up would mean giving up on yourself while are so much worthy of love and care, including from yourself, and especially during challenging times.

My heart breaks knowing that people left you when you needed them the most. As you said though, they had their reasons and sometimes people we expect to understand us are just not in the right mindset for that. Not everyone can listen or support someone through their mental health struggles. That doesn’t mean they can’t be part of someone’s life though, but the roles have to be distinguished and the boundaries clarified.

I hope you know that whether these people would have stayed or not, it is not something that will ever define your worth, your ability to heal nor your right to be cared for. Sometimes our struggles are too much to handle, but that doesn’t make us too much for others or for this world. It is unfortunate that these people didn’t stay with you to help you through this, but also to grow with you thanks to these experiences. Though you are still on your own journey. You are still walking and moving on.

It is remarkable and admirable that you don’t let these experiences discourage you from seeing your own worth, but also that you acknowledge these losses and how it’s affected you at the same time. Because you deserve to keep moving. You deserve to seek different experiences. You deserve to keep discovering what this life has to offer, and to set the right conditions for yourself to make it better and better.

We believe in you. You’re loved. :hrtlegolove:


Life has to go on that’s what I believe. We have to fight our own battles leading ourselves in the front. This place is full of loving people and thanks for your encouraging me


Not everyone is supposed to understand you completely and stay with you forever. Tough times have lot to offer us, they make us stronger although at times it may seem harder to continue. I’m grateful I have found this place.


You got this man, it hard when people leave you. But sometimes you got let go of past and not relay on people. It still okay thank miss them , feel hurt and be depressed about it. However, I do believe people are worth more than they think. You don’t anyone to make you feel happy, you are enough.


I got it but losing someone you love is always a setback anyways we keep going on that’s it. Thanks


Besides leaving because they can’t feel comfortable around your mental health issues, they may also fear being triggered by them. For example, a person may become anxious simply by being around a person who is experiencing anxiety. Depression is highly contagious.

Some of these people might come back, once they have developed more emotional strength and maturity.

It might be best if friends who don’t understand your issues, and feel frustrated by them, don’t hang around anyway. You don’t need to receive unqualified advice or potentially negative judgment. It’s very wise of you not blame or judge those who have gone away. In a way, blaming them would be like blaming children for not growing up faster.

I hope that talking to us here helps with the loneliness.


If they don’t stick with us in bad times they don’t deserve to be with us in good times either. This place has been so nice so far :heart::heart:


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