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The greatest weapon I’ve discovered in the fight against negativity is doing/borderline forcing myself to do things that truly make me happy. That in and of itself is a challenge but simply put, passions are like nuclear bombs to depression, you just gotta be brave enough to TRY TRY TRY and push that button. This page/organization has aided me in getting this/that point. It’s just like PMA, you will never have 100%, 24/7 perfection. Sometimes you gotta say fuck you. But as long as one TRIES TRIES TRIES the next day, they should be alright. Thanks, see you in the pit.

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I love this. Recently (back in December) I remember driving to a soccer facility for the first time in years, and I was HAMMERED with fear. All of these doubts, this anxiety, these insecurities…it was wild. It was as you described - “you just gotta be brave enough to TRY TRY TRY” - it took a lot of recommitting to the same thing because these fears felt like they were going to pull me under. But YES, pursuing our passion really is a nuclear bomb against our struggles - it reminds us something is worth living for, it reminds us about LIFE, JOY, the “finer things in life”, ha. It also gives us something new to consider, to think about, to work towards - it really opens the gates of our “circle of concern”, and sometimes when we have so many struggles in our normal life, it’s a RELIEF, an ESCAPE - something ELSE to think about and to fixate on. It can be so healthy and helpful. Love that you’ve been fighting for that in your own life and that it’s had the same effect for you. Thanks for sharing.