The Lisa I don't like living with

I don’t know if I need support or not to be honest or if I just need to rant a bit because I am just really stressed, anxious, uptight, onedge… you name it! I am that Lisa that I can’t stand being, the one I try to avoid at all cost, the one that stays indoors so she doesn’t become this person. Why?: this is so stupid! I have builders in my home this week! thats all but its awful, Im a wreck, my life is a mess, I have fears and phobias that are peaking just having people in my home and I just have no peace and because I dont know how long its going to take I cant even count the days, Im so tensed up all the time that my muscles hurt, I just want to tell them to forget the work and leave but I have been needing this done for 2 years and the landlord has finally sent them. I just want them gone and things back to normal. I truly hate this. This is the Lisa I really don’t like.
Sorry for whinging, I needed to get that out xx


You have every right to want a safe space and to feel anxious when that safe space has unknown people coming into it for an unknown amount of time.
I think this Lisa is a very important and wonderful person who needs and deserves to feel safe.
Being anxious and stressed is hard without feeling annoyed at yourself for it.
Be kind to yourself my dear friend. Take yourself out for a cup of coffee or for a walk and let that side of you know that she is valued and loved. Even though she’s feeling anxious and tense, that the storm of the unknown will pass.


Hi Lisa
First of all you are not whinging. The anxiety you feel is real. It sucks and its not your fault. I had to refund a pair of jeans I bought a week ago and the anxiety was there. It just a returning of a product but it was stressful. I completely get how you feel. Do you have a room where you would feel safe and at home? Try to make a small part of the living space just yours. Revard yourself for every day you manage to go though this. There is no reason to hate yourself for this. Just do your best ok. You can do this Lisa. I know you can :slightly_smiling_face:

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@ManekiNeko @Ashwell Thankyou both for your lovely responses. I did escape to my mums yesterday and it was indeed a huge relief to be away for the day. I do spend the day hidden away in my bedroom and in all fairness they have been very kind and respectful, I just wish they would go away and be kind and respecful somewhere else lol.
I get annoyed with myself because its such a ridiculous this to get so uptight about but I do not know how to control it, I dont know how to stop tensing my whole body up as I dont know im doing it until im doing it if you get my meaning. Anyway. it will be done soon I hope and life can get back to normal fingers crossed. Thank you again. You are both awesome and genuinely beautiful souls. I truly appriciate you both xxx :heart:


@Lisalovesfeathers I agree with @ManekiNeko that every version of Lisa is valued and loved and worth loving! A couple of years ago we had to have our kitchen redone (it was a hot mess) and it took a couple of weeks. I knew the end result would be just what we needed but oh I hated having someone here. I wanted my privacy and a nap! Know that you aren’t the only one who tenses up at having “strangers” in the house and not being able to relax when they’re around. Be really kind to yourself and yes, get out and away as you can. And as soon as they leave each day, do something sweet and wonderful for you. You are loved!


Hi my dear friend. I hope today has been easier for you. You are loved! :rose:


it’s easy to lose sight of all the progress you have been making though Lisa!

Although you’ve been uncomfortable to the point of physical discomfort, you are persisting with getting it done, and trying to find ways to manage it - going to your mom’s, staying in your room, and also of course expressing yourself so well here!

It’s not stupid at all. People are indeed in your safe space. People you aren’t familiar with, etc. Anyone would be a little irritated by that lol! Also, I love that you’ve kept your humour intact too, (the part with them being respectful somewhere else gave me a giggle!) Hopefully they’ll be efficient and quick and all the stuff will look/work great when they’re done! You’re loved and you matter, ALL the Lisas Matter :hrtlegolove:

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