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The loss of my Stepdad.==

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@rawclay I am so very sorry for the loss of your stepdad. There really is not enough words in this world to describe how much the void that someone leaves once they are gone seems to overshadow everything. I can only imagine how much it has felt as if time has been suspended for you since his disappearance, and how challenging it’s been to keep embracing life without his direct presence. There was - and still is - without any doubt a lot of love between you. Keep holding on to that love, friend, and may it be a powerful fuel and source of inspiration for your life moving forward. You are loved. <3

Your stepdad must have been a really beautiful person and leave a strong impact on you/on your life. My heart goes out to you as you process and navigate the grief of his loss. There are people in our life that can hold such an important place, an important role and inspire us to become the best version of ourselves. But once they are gone we are left with a silence that feels like crushing your soul, and a type of emptiness that is so hard to describe. I of course don’t know the details of your relatoinship, but I hope you can keep moving into your life while honoring his memory in ways that would be so very meaningful to you. His voice, his heart, his presence can still radiate your life and the person you are, and you can keep letting this world know what kind of person he was, and how he impacted you. I wish you peace of mind, of heart, and a sense of joy when remembering the good memories. Hold Fast, friend.