The past few days it’s been hard to get out of bed

So I made this account a while ago but just haven’t really known how to write what exactly has been bothering me (I don’t really get it myself) I’ve just not been myself this year. I tried to move to a new city for a new job and for some reason I just shut down once I moved there. I didn’t sleep at night and slept all day, I barley ate, I bombed my chance at a new job I had moved there for and ended up moving back to my home town. I’m running out of money and can’t find work. The only thing I have that I am hopeful for is that I’ve been applying to go back to school to get my masters. (My academics is one of the only things about myself I’m proud of) Recently I was just in a bad funk. I was sleeping till around 4 or 5 pm and not eating. I woke up and checked my emails and one of the schools I had applied for was requesting that I have a Skype interview with them but it was an old email I had missed and I had missed the time that they wanted to interview! So I may have messed up my chance to get into this school. I am not coping with stress like a normal adult, I’m not functioning like a normal adult. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I thought I was kinda put together right up to around the time I moved last year. Now I can’t seem to do anything right.


1993 i can really relate to what you are going through. I had the goal to go to occupational therapy school and I was so energized to do it, but then everything just fell apart and I had to start over while all of my friends graduated, got married, and moved away. I tend to feel embarrassed when people ask me what I’m doing in my life. But I believe that everyone has their own story and this is just one chapter, not the whole story. Other opportunities will come. This isn’t the end for you.

Hold fast,
We believe in you

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Hey 1993!

I’m glad you found a way to put into words what you’re going through. It’s one of the first steps to making things better. I can tell you I’ve been exactly where you are and am still partly there. I certainly don’t deal with things and live like the average adult. I am trying to improve though. If you continue to be honest with yourself and reach out to people there is a good chance that you will get an understanding of what is going wrong (you said you don’t really get it yourself). Once you understand the problem you will have a chance to start looking at potential solutions. I’m afraid I don’t have any answers or quick fixes to your problem as these things are incredibly complicated but I am confident that it is possible for things to get better! I wish you the best moving forward!

Raffi (Shnaff) :slight_smile:

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First, I say reply to the letter sent by the school. It might be too late, but they wouldn’t have reached out to you without reason. They mightthink you’re not interested and even though it may have been back then it doesn’t mean you aren’t now.

By what you explained it may have been a combination of depression and anxiety. What you’ve experience along with a huge fear which sabotage your chance. Moving takes a huge toll especially if you’ve live a life in one place for a long time.

I could be totally wrong as well. Only you know. Hope this may help you out.

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@1993 Here is our video response from our live stream. Hold Fast


Hey so I don’t know if I’m doing this right but I want to respond to everyone so I hope you all get notified. But thanks guys! For all the encouragement and new perspectives. It really means a lot to me.

Little update. I called the grad school and had my interview anyway. It was a few days late and I don’t think I made the best impression but I did it! And I feel good that I did it. I also got a call from a compleat my different grad school (I applied to 6) and I have been accepted to this one! I am excited but I do fear that moving to this place will be just as bad for me as the last move was. So I’m doing a lot of praying and thinking about my life. At this point I just want to be sure that this direction is not just me running away from a problem that I have been ignoring. My biggest fear is that I will go to this program and shut down just as bad or even worse than before. I just don’t want this to be “a new pair of pants” if I have a “broken leg” I’ve been ignoring. So I’m doing a lot of thinking about stuff and I will probably make some more posts about it as o figure it all out. My sleep schedule is still garbage (currently typing this out at 7 am and haven’t slept) I But sereously once again thanks you guys. It really means a lot that you could relate. I felt a lot less alone.
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That is good to hear & Take your time. Cheering you on.

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