The way i feel

I have so many feelings and none of them are happy, i wanna be able to be happy again. but i just cant with my dad suffering in the hospital and us all knowing he won’t make it. my dad wont be able to see me do so many things in my future like my first job,finishing high school, or even see me get my first house or knowing my brother might pass before me because he has kidney failure. this is so hard for one person to take in. i want to be happy but i cant and nobody can change that. im gonna miss my dad always being there for me when i need him most, but i already know he wont he’s on stage 4 in cancer and on the 7th floor which everyone says is the worst floor because when your in there you know you won’t get out. i want to cry but I know if i cry it will only make him more upset about leaving us and I don’t want him to feel that way because than everyone

I am so sorry that you and your family are going through this. I lost my grandmother to lung cancer and she was like a mother to me and I was truly devastated to see her in such a state. It took me 4 months to get through it. I knew she was always there though watching me and her death made me stronger as a person. I pray for your father and your brother and don’t lose hope because it’s possible your father could come back from this if you believe in him but if he does pass just know things will get tough but know that your father is always watching you and that your surrounded by family that loves you. I’m sure someone in this community can relate to your story and they can help you out way more than I can but I do care and I pray for your father and your family.