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Hey everyone, this semester I have theater class…and we are are going to have a little show one day, I am very nervous, bc basically everyone in my school is going to watch. I feel like I’m gonna be bad at it.

(Of course, I love Theater and Acting)

I was laughing my head off bc of the acting skills. (It was very funny). I literally fell to the ground on purpose cause I was dying of laughter.

I like acting, but I am just not used to having a lot of people surrounding me, bc I feel like they might laugh at me, and make mean jokes.:triumph::confounded:


Hey Katelynn. Yeah having nerves at the start of something so new and unknown is totally understandable. And those anxious thoughts can spur on all imagined potential insults. It’s your brain’s way of saying uhhuh I don’t know what this is so probably best to anticipate everything. But in my experience those times we push into those uncomfortable spots are when we discover truly amazing things about ourselves. I suspect if this is an introductory class there will be many there feeling uncertain and being open to connecting. Live in the moment and try this as an adventure. You might be surprised in what you find. I believe in you!


My cheeks start turning red because I get nervous easily. Is there any way I can cope with that, without letting it affect me?

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Theater is very fun! Everyone is nervous about it at first and most question if they are good or not even tho they are great as I’m sure you will be. I’ve even heard actors that have been doing it for a long time say they still have performance jitters.

I found this site for you to look at. I hope it helps you!


I’ll be honest, when I always presenting, whether it was grade school or college-- I always was nervous. I had several people agree with that too. I would suggest to really practice your lines, over and over and even over again, to the point you know them like the back of your hand-- because you’ll be more confident in performing. You’ll be knowing what you’re doing, and that’s a big confidence booster. Another thing you can try is, if you have to make eye contact, focus on only on person for the left, center, and right of the stage. There’s a trick to faking eye contact as well. Look at the center between their eyebrows and the top of the bridge of the nose. You’re not looking at them directly, and your eyes are looking as if you are.

I think Rosie’s link may also be extremely useful.


Hi there @Katelynn,

Thank you for reaching out. I’m glad to hear that you’re participating in theater! It sounds like you’re experiencing some stage fright which is okay; everyone experiences it! I do a bunch of backstage crew (and have been onstage before) and I haven’t met any actors who aren’t nervous before productions; being nervous is part of the experience, but the excitement should counteract some of that worry. You can still perform well when nervous!

It’s also important to remember that you aren’t performing tomorrow. You’ll have months to practice your lines, blocking, etc, and this will enable you to be okay when the time comes for the performance.

Have fun in the class and break a leg (hopefully not literally)!

<3 Tuna

P.S. Just in case you don’t know, “break a leg” means have a good performance; please don’t break any literal legs :hrtlegolove:


It’s not a big school. But there are probably around 100 students that attend the school that I go to.

And……I know exactly what “break a leg” means.:wink:


Lol, I actually used that site today in class. Thanks for the link!:green_heart:


From: Solemnis

As someone who is very shy speaking in front of a group of people I can totally relate! It can be intimidating when everybody is looking at you and listening to every word you say. But it can also be very rewarding having people giving you all their attention after you’ve practised your lines for weeks.

When you go out on stage it can be scary, but after a few moments the tension and nervousness will usually get better and better. If you only worry about that one situation (the play at the end), it will become bigger and bigger in your imagination over time, more than it actually is, and you might miss out on all the fun of learning and practising with your friends. Maybe it helps if you mention it to your teacher or classmates. It sounds to me like acting and theatre brings you a lot of joy and happiness (it’s great if it can make you laugh). As others have said before, even professional actors are nervous before going on stage.

When people laugh, it doesn’t necessarily mean a bad thing. Maybe you just made them laugh, maybe you said or did something funny, maybe just the SITUATION was funny. That doesn’t mean they make fun of you as a person or reject you. There’s a difference.
In my experience people who make fun of others usually do that to distract from and mask their own insecurities.
I’m sure you will be doing great, I believe in you!


I mean, I’m fine with my classmates being with me, it’s just big groups of people.

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