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TheKatIsALie Fan #9

I just had a chat with a guy, and he asked my gender. I respinded with genderfluid, to which he said. Im just confused.

That is on him not you and sadly there are going to be jerks like that. If you identify as gender fluid great. If others can’t accept you for it the issue is with them not you. You matter and you are valid. You will meet someone that is going to accept you for you and thing you are amazing just for being you. Stay strong you got this.

It can feel incredibly isolating an discouraging to have someone not understand us. I think leaving room for this person to learn - if they want to - what this means is good. Try to explain yourself if they are willing to listen, and why genderfluid means for you and how you identify. I think it can be a great way to start a conversation and help others grow through our own experiences.