Therapist Change(AGAIN EUGH)

Okay so I posted a few months ago about having to switch therapists because my therapist was leaving. I transferred in December to another therapist at the same practice who I knew from doing group therapy over the summer. We’ve only had two sessions because of holidays and work schedules. She told me yesterday that she’s pregnant. Which is great! I’m happy for her!

But now I’m faced with having to switch therapists again, probably around the end of March beginning of April. She said that there was a women’s group I could come to on Wednesdays until she comes off of maternity leave but I’m nervous as to how affective that’s going to be. I can usually go two weeks or so without consistant 1:1 therapy but once I hit about a month I kinda start to crumble. My anxiety has been really bad lately, largely I think because of family stuff but that deserves its own post by itself. I also don’t do great with change so having to be faced with transferring therapists again or being without a 1:1 therapist for a bit is scary…

I should note that I go to a clinic/practice that specializes in domestic violence and sexual assault trauma which is why its hard for me to just say "oh okay well I’m just going to up and find a new place to go for therapy. There aren’t a lot of these places around(and this one is FREE). I had a couple of therapists prior to coming here and it just didn’t work because they weren’t trained to deal with some of the stuff I was bringing to the table.


Hey Ash,

Sucks for a lot of reasons…one of the main ones being that it takes a while to learn someone, to have them learn you, to have to retell the same parts of your story over and over when you switch counselors is tough…feels like you have to start from ground zero and get back to the baseline to actually get value from it…sucks also because you gain trust with someone, you feel a connection to them, you feel in some senses loved by them, and when that person changes, it’s tough to detach and then reattach and rebuild a new bond. What you’re feeling makes sense, friend, and you’re not crazy for being mega bummed about the change.

Also, there is an opportunity for an alternative perspective…since you can’t change the fact that this is happening, it could be helpful for you to tell yourself a different story…like – it’s really good that you’re getting the opportunity for multiple perspectives on the same set of issues. I often benefit from having multiple people speaking into my life on the same issue because I get certain pieces from people. Additionally, there’s an element of “embracing the suck” because there’s so much good that comes from this place being free! For it to have some inconveniences could be an opportunity for you to reflect on how thankful you are that you have this opportunity to go in the first place. And the inconveniences can remind you of how convenient it is that you don’t have to pay to get help!

Now, of course, this isn’t a “you have to think this way” – it’s more of an invitation to joy. You can see things differently and experience more joy if you’d like! It doesn’t change the validity of your feelings now, but it could change your experience of the situation if you let it :slight_smile: