Therapist Comes Undone by Korn

you should do a reaction video for Blue October. Listen to Calling You, Hate Me then Fear. It’s 3 very different songs from different parts of his life and it is profound

You might like songs like “Dressed to Depress” by Murderdolls, or “Curse of Me,” “Skeletons” and “My Demise” by Wednesday 13. Would be really interesting to hear your thoughts on em!

Third video of her I saw reacting to Korn. I think it is safe to say she is slowly becoming a Kornhead.

Therapist’s dancing is so endearing because like, the instinctive motion is right, that’s exactly what you do, her body’s trying to headbang.

But because of, like, the performance of doing a YouTube video, or habits maybe from how you dance to other genres, the other expressions are so incongruous.

It’s just so endearing, I wanna go to a million metal shows with her :metal:

I always found the song to be calming and therapeutic because when you sing along shouting the words you release the internal rage .

Should do more Korn song reactions!

can you please listen to idiosyncrasy by korn

Their entire album ‘The Nothing’ destroyed me. I have never cried so much through a Korn album and immediately played it through again. Surrender to Failure was what had me doing that silent, cant breathe, curled on the floor cry. My 1yr old had just passed from a primary immunodeficiency that we could only try to fix but it was guesses at best and after 10mths of hoping we had to let him go.

From new ones please review SKYND feat. Jonathan Davis - Gary Heidnik, it will be interesting to see your reaction.

Korn basically pioneered the genre of Nu-Metal and the best songs from that genre, in my opinion, are songs with the really sad lyrics being almost yelled over loud, aggressive, up-beat music. It’s a really cathartic genre. Sometimes I just wanna listen to someone scream about how their day/life is at least as bad mine while my headphone vibrate from the instruments.

I love how you love it…

not one of their best songs.

It’s not always about suicide.when I come undone, everyone else is in peril.

What a great analogy of this song!!! I love this song even more.

This is why People should listen to heavy metal more often. There’s is something beautiful behind the hard aggressive sounds

I have Jonathan Davis’s autograph tattoed on my shoulder.

No one wants to put me back together though

What did you go through to become a therapist? That’s a legitimate question :roll_eyes:

I think you might like “Panic Attack” by Dream Theater

It’s great to see a person who has trauma in her life, I know cause of the way you feel that song. You lady grew up with trauma.

You should check out the song “I hope you don’t mind ft N’Fa” by the Australian rapper 360. Think there is a lot to unpack there and empathise with about addiction and boundaries and things. You are my favourite reactor who is in the medical field because you actually seem to give a fuck.