Therapist Comes Undone by Korn

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Therapist analyzes the lyrics of Coming Undone by Korn to discuss how allowing yourself to come undone, to be unraveled and opened so others can see and help you sort through your pain is one of the strongest things you can do. She also discusses how men, in particular, are often conditioned their whole lives to NOT do this, and how it can be difficult to break that conditioning, and they often hide their pain in order to appear “strong”. Coming Undone is sometimes a necessary step in the healing process.

You should hear and react too tearjerker by KoRn man that song is so beautiful and powerful if you can and wish I was your client your such a beautiful therapist no offense and yes this song is catchy

hello HeartSupport!!:wave:

Love korn…

I would love to see you react to Whitechapel’s songs “Bring Me Home” “Anticure” and “I Will Find You”

This is my first metal song ever with Bodies by Drowning Pool!

W video I’d consider listening to got the life next

if you want more songs about sad and destructive life of an addict but it sounds nice, listen to almost anything from Alice In Chains

aftereffects plugin from 2004 looking better than marvel cgi

It would be nice if I could express the pain through music alone, but I cannot be who I am because I would have to write it in blood.

Useless to say that you have to react to a.d.i.d.a.s.

But it does no good when you do teach or and NOTHING REACHES BACK FOR YOU which is my honest issue

I love your energy and you are so beautiful , keep up the great content :heart:

Fun fact, Coming Undone was written to go along with We Will Rock You. They even do a chorus of it when playing Coming Undone live.

Ilove sing for you reaction yees beautiful is the Best ilove you mat from Indonesia

I will never stop coming back to watch her enjoy life as much as she does. I’ve said a couple times in the comments how I just struggle to anymore due to going certain routes in life, but I always get a smile seeing others enjoy things, and let’s be honest, ain’t no one enjoying music more than this beautiful soul of a woman. Keep on bein you, and I’m sure all of us will keep on watchin​:metal::+1:

This song is pure gift. I’ve been dealing with anxiety and panic attacks for few years and I refused to find any help just because of the mentioned reasons - be strong, keep it to yourself, it will go away somehow, just try to hide it to be “a man”. Man, I didn’t tell my lovely girlfriend, that I’m expieriencing something and I don’t know how deal with it. But then I opened to her, scared as fuck by thoughts like, She won’t love me anymore, cause these things are not manly, and it means I’m weak… Surprise, surprise, she helped me to find a psychologist to go to, she supports me everytime and our relationship is beautiful. KoRn music helped me, still helps me, when bad moments come just by listening to it and it reminds me, that I’m not alone.
If anyone reading this feels like I did, I have to tell you, You ARE strong and great person and if you feel like you need help, don’t be afraid to ask for it. <3
Best of luck to y’all, this is beautiful community.

First of all, your videos and analysis are SUPER interesting but I have to say that your energy is contagious. I watch your videos and headbang with you from Canada! haha.
Love it!

The unplugged version is really good

Keep them coming Taylor i love these.