Therapist Comes Undone by Korn

This is a truly amazing channel, I have no doubt you are going to help hundreds of thousands of people with your perspectives.

You did miss a lyric that really changes this from a pure suicide song like sort of shes seeing- “…
I thought my demons were my friends … They’re out to get me” giving cadience to a explanation of resistance and being done to him vs him doing. This is the lryic i always hung up on

this song is therapeutic to me

Could you please, please, please analyze DREDG - INFORMATION!! Thank you for sharing and teaching through your knowledge! Understanding Heals!

As an empath, I spent half of my life half asleep with a target on my back…

I know EXACTLY what he’s talking about.

It’s narcissistic abuse…

What looks so strong…

The facade

So delicate

I’d like to see your reaction to Alone I Break, Clown and Thoughtless. They are some of favorites

I remember when I first heard this, I thought about was about someone trying not to slip into madness. That the “So Strong Is So Delicate” was actually referencing their grip on their personal sanity. I was actually struggling with hallucinations in my teenage years and felt that this song reflected my lingering grasp on reality far better than I could articulate at the time. That being said, I could easily see why people compare it to suicide as well.

You should check out Badflower if you haven’t already. Especially the songs Ghost, 24, and Daddy.

Then there is the harsh reality that as men we could be fucking screaming for help and the world ignores us. Just man up buddy. Be a man. Man the fuck up. Just carry on. Well eventually we just come undone and there is nothing left to hold us together. Sometimes, we start looking for permanent solutions.