Therapist Engulfed In Flames - Only For The Weak

In Flames is such a unique sound because they do not always follow the standard time signatures yet they are not so all over the place like for example System of a Down. Plus the way Anders handles each verse with a different vocal technique just makes it that much more interesting. It was such a dream come true when I saw them the first time at MayhemFest and even more so when they toured with Corrosion of Conformity and Ministry!

Love in flames!! Can I propose a reaction to Parkway Drive - wishing wells? Not lyrically crazy, just emotion.

In Flames!!! Love me some melodic Swedish death core

Flaw - Whole…

do self talk by parker jack

Gojira please!..

Awesome. In flames! How about some Bullet for my Valentine?

Can you Please do the song Little boy and the preacher man by Jesse Howard.

Hell yeah!!! Also check out Iron Maiden!!

Omg please do more in flames ooooEeee

Have a listen to White Chapel. Song. When A Demon Defiles A Witch. It’s based on actual events the singer went through with his mother. It’s really heavy and sorrowful at the same time.

I’m surprised nobody has suggested Take This Life yet

One of my favorite In Flames songs \m/

Signed up! I can put my peer support certs to use! one last thing, please review “Imminence” talk about beauty and a breakdown.

was literally just humming this exact song as i came across this upload

I love the work you guys do, looking forward to see some Five Finger Death Punch done. Especially the song Wrong Side of Heaven.

These guys are so fun to see live… one of my favorite bands

A good possibility for a song breakdown is “Light The Torch” by Soilwork. Not only a fun video, but a poignant theme of dealing with assault.

You should check out Stay With Me and Where the Dead Ships Dwell. Amazing songs.

Take this Life by In Flames is probably the song you must check out…One of the best…