Therapist gets Down With The Sickness by Disturbed (FIRST TIME REACTION)

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Therapist analyzes the lyrics of Disturb’s song Down with the Sickness to encourage people to accept their pain as the first step toward healing. Accepting our pain does not mean we endorse it but it does give us the opportunity to work with it. Acceptance is the first step.

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Please react to Inside the Fire by Disturbed

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Yes,I accept that society is fucking sick and,because of it,I’m broken and will never fully be ok.I accept that because we pretend to be civil beings I cannot do the things that manifest within me.I accept that I’m wired a bit differently.I accept that I cannot be all I want to be due to the fragility in my mind.,…

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There is a longer version of this song, where David sings about a kid that is abused my his mom but then retaliates.

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Big middle school runescape and a 6 pack of mountain dew at 1 am energy.

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Alice In Chains ~ Dirt!!!

Therapist… great analogy and would love to party with you like it’s 1999!

You must check out inside the fire. One of their best

You live under a rock :rofl:

Btw they have a new song call (don’t tell me) check it out :blush:

Great vid! You should check out another one of their songs: “The Game”. Probably one of my favorite choruses ever!

There’s a pretty decent longer version of this that really addresses what the song is about. But that part is too much for radio play.

ahh since disturbed is introduced, you should listen to their song inside the fire.

Therapist picks wrong version, misses a musical version of an emotional breakdown.

Hello! Any chance you could make “Popular Monster” by Falling in Reverse, please? I’d be curious about your opinion…

Yes , I didn’t get better until I stopped therapy after high school, I had been in therapy since I was 5 , and they told me to deny it and what I was going through was just a phase and I had my first suicide attempt in the 3rd grade and many more through high school, I didn’t get better until I started dealing with it on my own and embracing my darkness and seeing it as a strength

Given Up by Linkin Park is a must one to react to.

Gorgoroth - Carving a giant! Pure darkness…

next band MUST BE linkin park

All Fucked Up will definitely be your most hard hit/emotional and definitely most touching music video you will watch when you do :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: it definitely saved my life and still to this day gets me through my darkest days and moments. I’m not one to show my emotions but the first time I heard the song I bawled like a baby. Bawled even more when I watched the music video.