Therapist is scared of Spiders by System of a Down

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Therapist analyzes the lyrics of Spiders by System of a Down to discuss how negative thoughts often infiltrate our psyche without us even noticing and this song is a call to invite ourselves to AWAKEN to the thought webs that are spreading in our minds and question where they came from.


Do routine it’s a outstanding song Steven Wilson is awesome

Sharks and Danger by Alexisonfire

No video, but i highly recommend checking out the song meaning first and pulling up the lyrics while listening. This song is right up your alley to talk about, and to give shit to those who act like theyre there to help, but in reality dont care at all…

This was my first System of a Down song, and it got me hooked on the band. :heart:

Replace government with the words Social Media.
People follow it so much that reality is an illusion…reality is fake news.

My favorite SOAD song…

Really hope you react to other soad songs apart to their singles. Soil, Forest, science are my suggestions

There is only one kind of spider that can I absolutely hate and that’s the dreadful black widow
Other types of spiders bother me not but let me see a black widow and I turn to mush.

No more tears to cry by Bullet for my Valentine

Hell I’ll even take: Shatter by Bullet for my Valentine

This band hits hard in the feels and can make you laugh all at the same time.
And they are NOT Nu Metal.
Too good to be Nu Metal.
You can’t categorize great music.

I know you usually do rock music, but I would love your thoughts on Bryan Adams’ “Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?”

Music Request
Band> Badflower
Song> jester
I dont think you’ll be disappointed

Listen to complete’s songs, i would suggest jordan or resolutions first

Her dancing reminds me of Elaine’s from Seinfeld. Luckily her cuteness makes the goofy dancing work like a charm


You are just awesome!! Keep rocking on! :sunglasses:

You absolutely PERFECTLY Nailed it! :heart:

Yes , you got it !..

Please check out jet pilot, forest, peep hole, and’s A-I-A-I-A-O

You didnt grab a spider ! :open_mouth: