Therapist is scared of Spiders by System of a Down

I definitely recommend holy mountains! its about the armenian genocide and is really good

Hi! I recently discovered this channel and i love those reactions! Im curious, would be there possible reactions to instrumental tracks? If so i reccomend this band If These Trees Could Talk, my favourite album is “Above the Earth, Below the Sky” There are pieces that definitely wake up some feelings in me and even help me write stuff im working on from time to time

The song is actually about government surveillance… it’s entirely political.

Can you react to too late to call an ambulance by Psychonaut 4?

SOAD doesn’t miss… They can do whatever and it works

I Love your work…

What we love define us, but also what we fear… Do we need to fear? I don’t know, but don’t forget to love

Maybe it could be interesting to react to “Falling in Reverse - Popular Monster” (152M views in Youtube). Ronnie Radke, the singer is not perfect, like everyone. We all makes mistakes. He was in jail cause false charges of murder (or maybe not) cause a lost bullet in shooting that takes place in a club many yeaars ago. I think this song is very personal but relatable to everyone in some senses. And also is their first true viral song. Pd: I also recomend your another songs from Falling in Reverse like: Voices in my Head, Watch the World Burn, Zombified, Ronald.

If you want some deep and poetic lyrics, please check out Otep!! The lyrics are literal poetry and are deep and heavy af! :metal::metal:

I think you’d quite enjoy reacting to Psycho by SOAD. Interesting lyrics and would make for an interesting post reaction conversation.

I absolutely love this song it still gives me chills all over the memories of this song it’s absolutely one of my favourite songs from system of a down :100:

@heartsupport, so a song i feel you need to check out is Aftermath by The Ghost Inside. I struggled for years after my father passed away and after hearing that song it really did help me accept how to move on with my life.

Some dude in high school somehow had a demo of this epic debut a year before it came out. Been a fan since 1997. Seen them tour the album at Ozzfest 1999. Most people like Toxicity more it might be better overall but this is so raw. The longest song called ‘Mind’ is 6:16. It is probably my favorite System Of A Down song. I bet it’s never been reacted to.

you should react to clown by korn

recomendation for a reaction to… Highly Suspect “Lydia”. its a great song, singers vocals are amazing and the video is very anxiety inducing something that it think would be interesting for a psychiatrist to react to.

I love your channel and I’m so glad I subscribed, keep rocking… love your reactions and facial expressions ! :clap::metal::heart:

Imo, the video itself makes it clear this song is about waking up from conditioning. You could argue that the old woman is symbolic for generational conditioning.

Serg has such an incredible voice and theatrics oh! Wow! Glad you checked this out

I would like to see you do a reaction video with your input of Amber Run - I Found

0:08. There is little reason to hate spiders! The only reason I can understand is their appearance. They do far more good for humans than harm!:herb::cherry_blossom: