Therapist Reacts to CONFLICT by Slaughter to Prevail

Found U´r channel through Bad Omen with Poppy and I just love it!
You gave me the biggest open Eyes by saying "You dont run from addiction BUT have to face it to get free!": Thats the thing! If you run you finaly get to tired and its keeping up and grab you again! You did more with this one Phrase to me than the last 3 Therapists I had to fight Borderline and clinical depression = I love you! (not in a sexual way so dont worry :wink: )

Give demolisher a listen as well.

This song gives me some throwdown/Pantera vibes but faster and heavier, and i love your reaction it’s cute and funny in a good way

This band is badass!!..

love the energy, but use google translate on the lyrics if you don’t know the language😅it’ll make it easier

Ahh my wake up routine. Doin this for years. Glad someone has a voice to tell about it. Damn, I gotta find a lady like you❤