Therapist Reacts to Dig by Mudvayne

As a psychologist. I think you will actually love “hate me” by Blue October

Would love to hear your take on From Can To Can’t from the Sound City Players featuring Cory Taylor and Dave Grohl

I dig the song. Got no clue what the lyrics are.

I’ve got a song suggestion. Please End Me by Paleface Swiss.

I mean the psilocybin molecule adds another to the change/rebirth theme

I love your interpretation of dig. It makes more sense than what I originally thought. I always figured they were singing about if someone wants to commit suicide, well, let me help you if that’s the way you wanna go. Just goes to show how different people interpret things differently.

This is so late 90s early 2000s… Reminds me of toxicity, last resort, there’s a limp Bizkit one too… They all do the weird super close up love instrument thing

Great video. Honestly you opened my eyes to some meaning I never noticed in the song.

I subbed because it is nice to see some one who tries to understands metal on both the lyrical and mental health aspects. Metal is a home for a lot of that have been thru hell mental health wise and can not find a outlet for the anger we hold inside. A crazy thing that a number of big metal names have in common was child abuse and molestation. Metal gave these people a voice and a outlet to voice their pain and trauma.

“Mudvayne” …is probably a moniker for the vein in the middle of chicken wings(wing with two bones).

“The releasing of anger can better any medicine under the sun.”

Is “dig” mudvayne’s "heretic anthem to the industry?

Moth To A Flame…

These videos are so good, like miniature therapy sessions through music!
Love it :heart:

I’m 44 yrs old and mudvayne has been my therapist for almost 25 yrs now…

One of my favorite songs…

Love Hate Love Alice in Chains

Please do “world so cold” by mudvayne

Not falling mudvayne…

First time I saw them was 4/08/01 fully decked out same as this video. One of the best shows ever.