Therapist Reacts to Dig by Mudvayne

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Therapist analyzes the lyrics of Dig by Mudvyne to discuss change and resistance to it. The truth is that change is inevitable, and when we resist this truth, we forefit the power we have to decide the path of change we go on. We can use this song as an anthem to dig our own path


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Iv been waiting for this song soooooooo much. It’s one of my favorites

2nd pin pls?:pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:

All that you are by mudvayne

theyre a great band, i just saw them recently. i loved the analysis here, great take on mudvayne

Death blooms mudvayne next please

Fighting myself Linkin Park

Taproot - poem is another banger and drowning pool - bodies

Not as historic as Slipknot.

Check out the Live 96’ Ozzfest version sometime. The intensity is :100: better!!!
The have some great songs & Chads voice is so unique.
~ World so Cold
~ Fall into Sleep
~ Not Falling
~ Forget to Remember

“Death blooms” is a good one. It’s a deeper one… I think😂

I would like to hear you react to part time mother by tupac

still after all the years one of my fav songs!

:joy::joy: Things have escalated!!

I’m new to the channel and love watching people discover music!!! That being said please pick a type of negative song

I’m not going to lie: seeing our dear hostess practically short-circuit over their makeup was absolutely hilarious. Wonderful interpretation of the lyrics, though.

The Red by Chevelle…

Please do suicide note by Johnett Napolitano

Severed is an amazing song. For sure should check it out.

Please react to All Fucked Up