Therapist Reacts To Don't Reach For Me By Knocked Loose

I need you as my Therapist. We can be Thera-Pissed together to Knocked loose then you can listen to my thoughts and then my tunes too. Lol this react is great!

And also check out Norma Jean -Anna. That song is about a fan of the band and a friend of them who passed away

Taylor’s giddiness and joy listening to the track is sooo wholesome :heart_eyes:

should react to “sit & mourn” from the same album

Just seen them this last Friday in Newport and this song was sick asf live!!

i love the engagement and the pure enjoyment you get from listening to heavy music. totally infectious

I kept hearing about Knocked Loose, and immediately thought, “overhyped”. This is album of the year for me. Sit and Mourn at the end is probably my song of the year now.

I love the instrumental during the chorous

This guitar and drums together sound like fucking explosions. And it’s fantastic

love your reactions but just gonna straight honestly the constant camera changes are a bit cringe. maybe a bit of overproduction… just my opinion, keep going love your work

I love this therapists reaction to this song… literally my reaction too, after the initial head banging and enjoyment… listening to it on repeat the lyrics melted into my brain and made me feel or sorts of unsurfaced anger. For what I thought I healed from, brought me back intense feelings but not in a bad way but a solidified anger. Like guilt, shame and regret can lead to painful anger but this time it felt so good… like healed and justified. “Don’t reach for me” means I’m so done with you for good, like the therapist said, I’m grounded now. Like the lyrics, “returned to form” and free of you forever :fire::metal:t4: