Therapist Reacts to Falling Away From Me By KORN

You need to do disturbed down with the sickness if you want to break that down

This song saved me at one point… i was more than flirting. I was in a deep relationship and ready to marry. Korn pulled me out of it

Which philosopher said the thought of suicide comforted them through many a sleepless night or something like that.

Yes … I have borderline personality disorder, brought on my extreme childhood trauma I can relate

7:16 She took it with her.

Jonathan Davis was sexually abused by his father. His trauma was released in the music! Hey Daddy is especially about that. Music like this is what allowed me to kno I was not alone.

And the monster is left standing there with no one left to take his failure as a human being out on.

6:28 her having the band in her room and all the kids outside chanting is like a huge metaphor of how this music connected so many kids. even though we were in pain, we were in it together. we all made it through.

you got it. you broke it down beautifully

she finished the story!..

I would love to be able to talk to you. I’m 56 years old and I went through every form of abuse you can imagine. Physical, mental, emotional, and sexual. Then over forty years of self abuse through drugs and four suicide attempts. Metal saved my life in many ways.If there is any way please contact me with the information to speak with you

Korn saved my life.:heart:

Korn saved me when I was a teenager.

@HeartSupport . Yes I have felt that falling away feeling durning abuse . It is like disassociating from the mind , body . With huge gaps loss of time .

HeartSupport# - Music to Amen not Alone

Please react to Pearl Jam

Thanks for the video. I had never seen the video for this song before I watched your reaction. P.S. I need a therapist. Do you take Blue Cross and Blue Shield?

Freak on a leash - best GO in metal video, Falling away from me - most powerfull FUCK in metal video.

Jonathan Davies had a very painful and traumatic childhood. The 2 song’s Freak on a Leash and Falling away from me, the video’s we’re an expression of that time! Powerful, Raw, Emotion.