Therapist Reacts to Falling Away From Me By KORN

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Therapist analyzes the lyrics of Falling Away From Me by Korn to discuss how people often dissociate and try to mentally escape, but Korn calls us to come back into our phyiscally bodies so we can actually escape.

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should react to Daddy by Korn

I think It’d be worth doing Five Finger Death Punch’s Coming Down, The Bleeding, Never Enough, and or My own hell. They deal with topics of suicide, mental illness, abuse, etc.

Especially Coming down; I felt those first few moments in my bones as it’s been a long time struggle.

Crack The Skye by Mastodon. The drummer’s younger sister, Skye, took her own life. The band wrote the song as a tribute. Brann (drummer) sings the clean vocal parts too.

Been there. Got out. It helped.

I wonder if you are ready to listen to another song of theirs that will throw you deep down? I don’t know, maybe you’ve listened to it before or not. I’m just afraid to offer it to you.

I think about suicide everyday. I’ve been assaulted many many times as a child. Suicide had been on the table since middle school. Not sure why I never completed it. The thoughts of suicide got worse after three tours to Iraq. Music, mainly a metal genre, calmed me down and helped me from ever trying suicide again. Now, along with music, my daughters are my reason to be. I couldn’t fathom being without them. They are my therapy. Nobody knows about my thoughts. I’m pretty good at hiding any ill emotion. I hope everyone finds that purpose, no matter what it is, to keep fighting. I love you all.

Another great Korn track to check out that a lot more people should know is “No One’s There.” I feel like you would have an interesting analysis of this song.

I saw Korn live for the first time on the Twisted Transistor tour. It was like going to church. I felt all this negativity purged from my soul. Korn is definitely great for helping you deal with difficulties in life.

ahhh back when was Korn was good.

In the end, music saved her :heart:

Please please please!!! React to “To The Flowers” by While She Sleeps!! Please please please

In my childhood after bit of dark period. I become angry and violent at certain moments, against those who were suppose to be loved ones. Which lead them to eventually change. Early Korn, Mudvayne, Slipknot were forms of relief and an understanding someone else is experiencing these things as well, let alone worse.

Now a days most music is just music for me. although listening to them now, I do found a newer deep insight. To which I couldn’t at the time. Mostly the positive aspect of it

React to Thoughtless by Korn please!

keep up the amazing work. make me bad, here to stay, alone i break, narcissistic cannibal, lets go, get up, never never, rotting in vain, black is the soul, a different world, take me, cold, you’ll never find me, the darkness is revealing, idiosyncrasy, finally free, can you hear me, h@rder, this loss, let the dark do the rest, start the healing, worst is on the way. also what it is by jonathon davis from his solo album

I’m 52 years old. My father was a narcissist, so i spent my early childhood either being adored(i was the show pony child) or in fight/flight/or fawn.

Ages from 14-17 were bad, real bad, and sadly predictable.

The closet i ever came to false escape was a handful of acetaminophen. It wasn’t a big enough handful, though. Made me sick as hell, and I remember laying on the couch and watching my nailbeds turn blue.

I had to have an abortion 2 days before my 17th bday, and it scared him enough that he left me alone.

I have never had any kind of therapy until the first of this year. Initially, it was for adjustment disorder to my recent multiple sclerosis diagnosis.

Once I started talking about my emotions in general, everything else bubbled up.

It turns out that cptsd has been a big contributing factor to my horrid health over the last decades.

Ulcerative colitis, multiple sclerosis, anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

I’ve never been able to regulate my emotions. I dissociate. I thought I was empathic by how well I read people’s emotions and could quickly figure out what people need but no, I’m just scanning the room because everyone has to be happy so I don’t get in trouble

I’m happy now though. My family and I have our usual issues but my relationship with myself, my brothers, my husband​:heart::heart::heart:, my sons, my DIL, and my grandsons is AWESOME.

I’m so unimaginably happy it was not a large enough handful.

Please talk to somebody. Staying is worth it. Find your way to happiness out of spite if nothing else. :heart::heart::heart:

Please check out APC By and Down :100::fire:

I didn’t know how to express what happened and what I should do. It’s been so long ago that it doesn’t matter now. I messed up life and I can’t reset now. Oh well.

Korn por siempre…

This is one will probably be WAAAAYYYYY to much.
But I’d recommend examining some songs from OTEPs library.
I’d recommend the following tracks as they all deal with extreme forms of child abuse physically, mentally, and sexually.

Johnsdown tea -
Where the river ends -