Therapist reacts to Hot To Be Me by Ren Ft Chinchilla


I love Ren songs but sometimes I can’t listen to it because its so emotionally intense. I liked your reaction. Its hard to examine how I came to not be myself anymore.

Great reaction to one of my favorite songs :heart: Hugs

Am looking forward to seeing a “For Joe” reaction as well and you did a.great job here as well. Their other live duet “Chalk Outlines” is also fire. I would like to point out that so far you have only exposed yourself to Ren’s quote unquote “heavy” stuff, so I just want to remind you that there are equally impressive psychological nuggets to be found in his more happier, upbeat stuff. So I hope, sometime along your journey down this rabbithole, that you react to songs such as “Humble,” “Hold On,” and Mayne “life is funny”. Also, it looked like your jaw dropped at some of Chinchilla’s vocals, which is good, because hopefully there might be a shot of you listening to her solo stuff. If so, start with the live version of “fingers” for Hunger T.V

I believe this video was recorded on the bridge that Joe jumped from

Is that a Freudian slip with the title? “Hot to be me” :grin::heart: Always love the reaction, great emotional song that gets me every time.

I think you tied the songs together perfectly, because in Su!cide he says “when you jumped, my childhood jumped too”.

Ren chinchilla, an awesome combo. Their great together.!!!:heart::heart::heart:

Anyone else want to see the Ren Taylor interview

Check out Insomnia, Depression, Dear God and Hold On. Earlier songs that you may enjoy and they create conversation by so many people. Have a great evening and better tomorrow.

It’s well worth going down the Chinchilla rabbit-hole. Little Girl Gone and Cut You Off are stunning x

I survived 3 attempts……God was there for me on the last one. The voice you hear when you loosen the noose on the rope.
I heard that voice……once

Hot to be me?..

“How to be me” not “Hot to be me”… Though, naming a song tribute “hot to be me” really changes the mood when singing about a dead friend, I feel like that friend better have been the most sarcastic motherfucker on earth if you’re doing that XD

I love Chinchilla! Thank you for your reaction.

After Su!cide and How to be me, please go for “For Joe” next❤

I come from a long line of very strong very stoic men who show little emotion in the face of adversity and through my life unfortunately I’ve had to face many losses. At least 13 people close to me have passed from things ranging from heart attack, cancer, accidents, old age and suicide. And through all of these events I was always bothered by how little emotion I felt. Like everyone else was distraught, but I just felt numb. I’m not sure if I just subconsciously buried my emotions, because I had to be the strong one. But it all came to a head a few years ago when something triggered all those emotions I’ve been bottling up and pushing down to burst through to the surface and I experience for the first time in my life both crippling anxiety and horrible depression. I thought I understood what those things were from hearing other people talk about them. But You never truly understand until it happens to you. It was one of the most painful moments of my life and although I never felt suicidal, I could 100 percent sympathize with why someone could feel that taking their own life was the only way out of that feeling. I couldn’t imagine feeling like that forever. I now have a new outlook on life and respect for people battling these demons. Luckily I had a good support structure and was able to get help. But not everyone is so lucky. God bless, Ren for speaking his truth.

I recently lost my friend of 22 yrs to suicide and this song just IS what I am now

Filmed on the bridge that Joe jumped from.

PLEASE: Watch “Manchester Orchestra - The Silence (live version)” You will not regret!