Therapist reacts to Save Me by Jelly Roll

Check out his song with Hollywood Undead called House of Mirrors its a beautiful song

Can you do A Perfect Circle - 3 Libras?

You know I’m not too far off from my hitting the age of 70, and though I’m sober. I still have those exact feelings that Jellyroll sings about. I’ve managed to stay away from becoming addicted once again. But sometimes I become quite scared that my inner demons will prevail.

@HeartSupport could you please do Ritual by Devil Wears Prada

This song is in my Playlist. It kind of explains me. I’m 50, have had 4 heart attacks and just had my 5th Stent, I have ulnar nerve entrapment, and lower and mid back problems. Depression sucks. Also on large doses of painkillers and rso. So yes, this song speaks to me…:cry:

This is a great song and honestly helps me knowing I’m not the only one that feels this way. If you wanna hear another good song listen to Dax dear alcohol

By the way I’ve seen him speak on his relationship with his wife. I know he’s talking to her.

Relatively simple lyrics and melody buts says so much

I almost killed my self in December but I have not given up on life

I became sober from alcohol 2 yrs ago on 5/9/2024. Him & Tom Macdonald’s music gave me strength. I shared this with my wife, and we absolutely found 100% of your message relatable in every way.

I’ve started a loosely held together group of Men, where we can come to check in. I call it One Step, bc that’s all you have to be willing to, to take part. The understanding is that we each hold strengths where others might be lacking. I truly believe we can heal each other. It’s not AA, but it is if you want it to be; is not NA, but it is if you need it to be; is not therapy, but that exactly what it is.

If I’m being honest, I need your help. I don’t know that I have the tools to properly be able to benefit everyone, in the limited ways I have available to me.

I would love to find out more about any information you could possibly lead me to, so that I can help these men.

So I’ve never been able to tell my feelings cuz the way I grew up so I know exactly how jelly roll feeling this song in all my 31 years I’ve always felt like this I’ve got my own devices but again I’ve felt just like this the whole time :black_heart::black_heart:

Please try "Broken Cowboy " by The Dead South-(Happy mag version) and see what you think the meaning is.
It’s also a great song musically!

When I started dating my wife, I showed her this song, and I sat there and cried as she listened to it. I told her I know I’m broken, I have issues, and they come with me. If you want to leave now I understand.
She stayed and embraces every part of me. I am lucky I found her.

I can relate to this song I have felt like this my whole life. Love you jelly roll

57 and not sober. I drink way too much. A 2 time widower with way too many memories I wish I could forget. As well as a 2 time combat deployed veteran. This song is a living embodiment of how I feel

The first time I heard that I heard this song I cried- I just wanted to wrap my arms around this man and give him the most heart felt hug and tell him that he was worthy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

He has preformed this with Lainey Wilson. That one is a must see.

Have you honestly just now heard this song? I’m glad my Therapist doesn’t live under a rock!!

Look up nothing left at all by jelly roll if you haven’t yet, it’s another good one

It’s the pain of always being too late or not being/ having enough for all those who are an intricate part of the castle you’ve built around you… when you watch your entire village burn too the ground and disipate… you can only see yourself as the flames that burnt it all…after repetitions, your entirety hollow inside, more so with no one or anything too even begin to rebuild… numb it all, wash the rest away, keep everyone out, but show all your nothing left. and pray anyone who cares any saw it all, so they don’t lose like you have…