Therapist reacts to Sick Boi Ren

My “doctor” said two/yrs ago said I’m fine when I admited alcoholism … Kinda laughed at me actuallualy … “They seem to laugh at me” but its eating my liver and pancreas …
And I’m not well.

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Have you heard chalck outlines, by Ren&chinchilla?

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Most therapists here treat you like a chore. So very accurate.

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Seen a lot of “therapist” in my life. They don’t stick it out, a session or two and they move on to the next one. The world is sick and people are out for themselves, it’s always a paycheck, compassion and care is seldom showed. Your reaction videos have helped alittle

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Oh God, you completely get it. This is my job too. Respect from a UK social worker

Therapists loosing empathy by seeing to much suffering is also a coping mechanism but real healing only happens when someone really feels understood and heard.

Yup. Trauma response is a défense mechanism

Wow…this reaction is on point… instead of reaction to his bars…you actually heard the message…and his pain…I don’t do therapy…but if I ever need it…I hope I get a person like you​:heart:… Blessings :pray::pray:…just subscribed…love it

“lets how you are in a week or so” literally how my doctor treated me. “oh your depressed are you, activley making plans on how to kill everyone you work with, no problem, here have the anti depressants, ill see you in a week” week later… “ah theyre just making you tired all the time, ah no problem, they take time to kick in, just keep taking them, youll be fine, see you in 2 weeks”. british doctors DO NOT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT US, ANY OF US. come back to civvy street and treated like some fucking lepur, mental.

So do I drink too much to protect myself?
From my mind and over thinking everything?

I would kill to have you as a therapist. You are actually listening to Ren like a human, not an appointment. If only empathy was a requirement of therapists.

I love your message about this video and the issues itself. So I’ve struggled with the question of doctors telling me I’m this or that and as REN is told take another pill and don’t just stop taking them because…….
I’m aware of the cycle of feeling ill taking the meds feeling better and told to not stop. But why take them if you feel better?
Because it will all come back. Really or is that pharma talking…… I digress

im on alot of medication, very bad ocd also borderline personality disorder and that is exactly what the nhs mental health care system i actauly im scared of psychiatrists also psychiatric nurses , mood stabliers highest dose of diazepam , chlomiaprine , i ca t spell that one buut im suurr its some of srri to help depression and my ocd symptoms a few things too calm down have to pick up from the chemist everyday cause of my many and i mean may suicide attempts, so ive given up on that no point any more just always revied or resuscitated i am literally a drain of resources but hey i can just live in my flat by myself forever with no friends, all the old ones they think im a freak and when they overdose ofcourse it has to illict drugs but its always medication or other ways, ive seen these songs thanks for the video

I can attest this depiction of mental health treatment is about as good as it gets in Liverpool UK.

This is the uk. A therapist would be your equivalent of a free clinic therapist.
So yep, she would be switched off.

That’s how it is for me and been forever, I have 2 therapists and they both are like that, it’s so hard to find decent ones and when you do either your insurance drops then or they switch providers, unless you pay out of pocket without your insurance it’s crazy for me to find them for a long run :man_shrugging:

Wanted to share my most horrific experience with a therapist: It was the first or second session. I didn’t feel too safe to talk openly to him yet. He asked me about my childhood experiences and I have a tendency to fall silent when my feelings overwhelm me (autistic spectrum, didn’t know that back then). I think I said sth like I can’t talk about it right now and it’s difficult to even pinpoint exactly what ‘my problem’ in general is. I was just extremely depressed and suicidal back then and just released from a 3-month psychiatric hospital stay looking for ambulant therapy. His response to me not talking straightforward and openly about all my traumas was: “Well, I think you aren’t really in need of a therapist or even sick. You just want a therapist because you think it is cool and an achievement to show off with.”
I was struck speechless and shocked. I think I never heard sth so hurtful from a professional I was asking for help. And it made me feel so ashamed and like I was a frauf and had no right to seek help. Mind that I was also just 19 years old back then and really insecure. I had some really good therapists since then and I still got a brilliant one today. But that was a horrific experience back then and it still huts me sometimes.

Revisiting this amazing reaction in support of Ren - sadly Ren’s Sick Boi video has been taken down as he was unknowingly missold a beat with a stolen sample and the person (Kujuobeats) who produced the original beat is now holding it hostage with a copyright claim demanding 100% royalties on Ren’s hard work… #FreeSickBoi #SaveSickBoi


Amen to all of that! :heart:
(Another therapist here)