Therapist reacts to Sick Boi Ren

I love how you touched on there needing to be a sense of safety to even explore things. I once had to switch psychiatrists with no warning, I had never spoke to him before this phone call, and he was SO RUDE & just barreling through things. He then started literally GRILLING me about my trauma and straight up berating me to answer questions & tell him about a childhood SA, that I had never even directly discussed with my therapist, or hardly anyone before! I was literally just crying and confused, and he was soo just outright mean, to the point I hung up on him. Never been back to therapy since. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

This reminds me of sessions. I was always on a clock to describe everything that I couldn’t even understand myself

I wish I could find a therapist half as understanding as you. I’ve been diagnosed with severe recurrent depression and panic disorder for 24 years now and I’ve had:

  1. the one who told me I was “a hot mess”
  2. the one who told me that when I felt like no one loved me or wanted to be around me I was probably “very insightful” because “people who are depressed are exhausting”
  3. the one who convinced me I’d been molested as a child, distancing me from my parents right when I needed them when my Crohn’s disease was at its worst
  4. the one who seemed great for three years and then ghosted me when I was suicidal (she’s fine, I checked, my first thought was oh no something happened to her but she still updates her facebook page)

My current psychiatrist is pushing therapy but I think I’m understandably hesitant to start over, because sometimes you don’t know you’re being hurt instead of helped until you’re years down the road. #3? I thought he was amazing until one day I woke up and realized he’d spent close to 5 years slowly filling my mind with lies. I even told him when he started bringing abuse and hypnotherapy up that I have very vivid childhood memories and knew there was nothing there to uncover, but that I did know a lot about false memories and that I tick all the boxes for high susceptibility to them, and I said I would find another therapist if he didn’t stop talking about it. He agreed – but there are large swathes of our sessions after that that I can’t remember. I’d always thought hypnosis was bs but I’m honestly not sure anymore. And precisely how am I to trust another therapist, or trust myself to know the integrity of a therapist, after that?

“How does that make you feel” it hurt me when you said that

seriously where did that vibrato come from

did anybody notice that she sings really good

You should check out Popular Monster by Falling In Reverse. I cannot suggest it enough. Please check them out

As much as I love the NHS I’ve had bad experiences. I’ve given up. Not their fault, lack of funding is a massive issue. Meanwhile, we sufffer.

This is the problem with the trend over the past 20yrs to “psychologise” every medical issue. Not everything is psycho-somatic & a medical explanation can often be the answer people are so desperately seeking. My own personal most hated question is “how does that make you feel”. Like Ren I’ve battled auto immune disorder for over 25yrs. Most of those yrs getting sent only to psychologists. Patients can indeed be physically broken & legitimately need a physical medical solution. I totally agree with u btw about the”psychologist” personas demeanour in the video & I’m not trying to rag on therapists, I was once a psychologist; I had to retire in my early 30’s because I got too sick to work tho after having been denied a medical diagnosis/treament. Now all I’m left with is treating the symptoms cause the cause is a lost battle. I think you’ll enjoy reacting to his recent song Troubles, but I urge you to watch the autobiographical chapters that he narrated the week before he released it 1st. Best wishes & really enjoy your reactions. x

Agree :100: re: Sick vs. Hurt!
Mental illness is a misnomer technically
Mental well-being is the appropriate moniker, imho :heart:

Okay, but he was sick and broken. I think you’re missing the point.