Therapist reacts to System of a Down - Aerials

Rammstein - Angst…

sweetie ariel is a greek thing it meens avatar of a god upon the earth

I’m crying stuck in a closed circuit of repeat…

Not sure if thats the songs true meaning, but the way you put the lyrics to an actual message, and that message is actually really interesting

I’ve been a SOAD fan for a LONG time. Their songs are meaningful and poignant to those who can figure it out. It sounds like you have. I love SOAD, they are pure awesome and their music reflects that.

Thank you, you’re great, it’s a pleasure to watch you.

They are biblical references , I know thats not popular with the new gen.

The most important thing that people really don’t see when it comes and goes by like money. Is easy to earn when you get blows out from us. But here how easy explains the song: is our mistaken views of ourselves as being individual and isolated from the rest and how we actually are a tiny part of something greater, from which we come when we are born, and to which we go when we die.

You just gave me a new perspective on this song. Thank you, i subscribed. Keep it up! :fire:

Please do suicidal dreams by silverchair

This song and your explanation makes me think of the book Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck. I think i need to read it again its been awhile

Heart Support and Taylor P. I think what you need react to next is some Green Day songs please :pray: and I feel like the reason why you should react to Green Day so you know who they really are.

Hey since your therapist maybe yu can help me and react to some lil peep and lil tracy because I suffer depression suicidal ideation self harm my diagnosis is major depression disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder and pTSD… some deep songs I recommend are
Lil peep- life is beautiful video
Lil peep- u said full song
Lil peep- lil tracy witchblades video
Lil tracy- alone in my castle (which is tribute to his best friend lil peep bcuz they always talked about getting rich and getting a castle now tracy rich and peeps dead so he’s alone in his castle)
Lil peep - lil jeep
Lil peep-sixteen lines

If you react to any of these songs I’m reposting it everywhere lol love your reactions