Therapist Reacts to The Hu - Wolf Totem

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Therapist analyzes the lyrics of Wolf Totem by The Hu to inspire people who are struggling to fight. This song can be used as an anthem to encourage you to grab whatever tools you have and declare victory over the struggles in your life.

Throat singing is Mongolian style and they use it for metal all shorts of stuff looks easy but it’s hard if you don’t get use too it like growls I was 13 when I first got into metal and all love it we fight too unite

Nice :metal:t2: they’re awesome to see live!

Great song and band…

You should do a react to any of the songs from OTYKEN

The song was killer, thank you Taylor for the translations :metal::fist::fist::fist::call_me_hand:

Please, please react to a song of Gojira any , the most popular ones are amazing

Wait to you see A Song of Women, ft Lizzy Hale

Would recommend listening to something by Heilung from the album Lifa. It’s kinda European tribal music.

They did a version of this song with Papa Roach that was pretty cool

If u like th Hu. U have to check out Heilung (high-lung) anything is great.

The intro to this cracked me up :joy::heart:

As a US Marine, we studied Mongolian battle tactics. The problem that warriors have is when there is no enemy to fight. We tend to not know any other way to handle things but fight. To all my warriors out there Semper Fi. Until Valhalla. NEVER FORGOTTEN USMC

You need to check out some Badflower songs.
Family, Ghost, The Jester, and Move Me(live at the Hideout) are all great and bring some feels.

mongolian throat music at its best, nice reaction because it can be hard to follow, ive never used translation

You all should check out Northern Cree’s “War Cry” circle drum song.

The Hu means the people in Mongolian

Tge HU were great live…

Please please PLEASE do the song of women by the hu with Lzzy hale, that song has honest to god, saved me more times than i can count :heart:

Those awesome Magnolians.:joy: