Therapist Reacts to THE POT by TOOL

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I’m sure someone else also mentioned it already, but “pot” is also another name for weed. So, there are lots of dual meanings here. Indigo, Ganja, weeping shades of cozened indigo, all reference marijuana (pot). :slight_smile:

Maynard writes the lyrics after the music done. How incredible it must be for Danny, Justin, & Adam to compose a song sonically, only to be blown away by the time Maynard gives it a narrative?!?

Srums just like soad but different

I like this = new sub…

She’s not ready for Jambi or Prison Sex. :open_mouth:

I think you might really like one of Maynard’s other bands called “A Perfect Circle”… I’d love to hear your thoughts on a song called Judith. It was named after his mother who suffered a cerebral aneurysm in 1976 which left her confined to a wheelchair. Her faith in a higher power never wavered, but this is his perspective being confounded by his mother’s persistence.

Honestly I’d love to see how you take it. The band itself is amazing, but this song would be a good one for you to react to.

Just so it’s clear it’s King Guru not Kangaroo.

Your funny…
I Like when you get jamming…

He’s talking about a kangaroo court like you said

This album’s lyrics are largely about Maynard’s mother dying painfully for years, and her church not supporting her. Judith by A Perfect Circle has the most vitriol, but this album is beautiful.

A kangaroo court means the court is in the pocket of a rich person, aka “kangaroo”.

Your analysis is wonderful to listen to. Love it!

jumping on the bandwagon here: have you done Jimmy? That’s trauma song…

I feel like you would seriously love their song Parabola

Your reactions are honestly my favorite! I live for the faces you make :joy:

Where are the snails We need the snails.

Your rock face is awesome… from beautiful to f all you mofos… that’s right!!!… :joy::joy:

It’s about the stupidity and hypocrisy of religion. “Weeping tears of cozened indigo”…

Pushit is my choice. Nobody to this day knows what Maynard is referring to in this song. Many conclusions can come from it that’s for sure!