Therapist reacts to Wage War - The River

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Therapist analzyes the lyrics to River by Wage War to discuss the importance of building internal trust after external trust has been betrayed. This song is actually a lesson in how to rebuild internal trust.


You should check out vexed- it’s not the end

Shinedown- Monsters…

Never heard of this band. agree on the take of the song. took me years to trust people in general.

Hatebreed - Weight of the false self, check that out

Please react to While She Sleeps singing To The Flowers
Love the channel!!

old wage war album is a masterpiece!

You really gotta check out The Valley by Whitechapel. The whole album is about Phils (the vocalist) childhood where he lost his dad at 10, and then his mom at 14 from a resulting drug addiction. His mom struggled with multiple personality disorder, and he opens the album with an entry from her journal that she hallucinated. There is so many powerful things for a therapist to dig into on that album and the one after.

I love this song. Loved the analysis.

Orbit Culture - Fight of the Fireflies

Hi, Taylor! Can you check out a band called Casey? Casey’s music is deeply emotional and introspective, touching on themes of mental health, personal struggles, and existentialism. Their lyrics are thought-provoking and often resonate with listeners on a personal level, making their music cathartic and relatable.
Some songs definitely worth checking out are: The Funeral, Fluorescents, Bruise, Flowers by the Bed, Fade, Little Bird, Bloom,…

Give Thrown Guilty a listen, will definitely scratch most of your itches.

This is genuinely turning into one of my favourite channels due to the content and your reactions.

I’d like to recommend “Poet and the Pendulum” live at Wembley by Nightwish. It is not the normal song people start with when it comes to Nightwish, however it is the song that suits this channel the most as it deals with depression and struggle. It was written by Nightwish’s song writer the keyboardist Tuomas during the hardest time in the bands history and he basically ended his life in the song to stop himself doing it in real life, however the new song finishes positively with a new beginning. It is one of the best written pieces of music you will come across and is broken into Acts. I won’t say more about it.

Nightwish hold the record for most reacted song in YouTube history with “Ghost Love Score” (normally what people start their Nightwish journey with. However, as previously mentioned, “Poet” suits this channel perfectly, especially if the research is done on the songs meaning beforehand.

Can you do Hope by NF…

Last Resort-Falling in Reverse

Wage War is one of my favs definitely recommend the stripped version of johnny cash by them

They picked up where slipknot left it…
Zerø trust - Anønymøus!

“Everything’s Wrong” by All That Remains please :pray:

react to sara by We Three please!

Hi Taylor it’s your favorite Ian. Can u please check out Fear Factory and their son Fear Campaign. It’s a great Friday song or any day. Keep up helping others