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So I have been with my therapist for two years now. She’s amazing and I have made so much progress with her. She’s the first therapist I’ve really clicked with.

And she might be leaving. It’s not a definite but its a possibility and I’m really bummed about it. If she does leave she’s going to try to put me with the therapist that I see for group which would be good.

It’s just a sucky situation and I don’t like having to let people go(wahoo abandonment issues!)

On top of that I got home from therapy today and my mother immediately went into “So this thing with what’s her name, do you see an end in sight?” What’s her name being my therapist and her casually asking in an excessively condescending way when am I going to stop going to therapy.

I’m so beyond tired of this. There is 0 shame in therapy and everyone in my family could definitely benefit from seeing one.

I just needed some space to rant…

Hey friend,

I’m gonna be honest here and say that I can’t really relate to the first part but I do really relate to what your mom said. I’m currently taking depression meds (just started this past winter) and have bad seasonal depression. I’m going to be studying abroad for school next spring, and my mom has made comments similar to yours about me stopping taking the meds. I know that it will be hard and likely more expensive to be taking them while in another country, but I do think taking them really helps me and knowing that A it will be winter when I first go there and B I will be more anxious because it’s a new environment and lifestyle, seems like two very valid reasons to keep taking my meds. I don’t really know what to do about it but just know you’re not alone in that. And you’re completely right - there’s abosolutely no shame in going to therapy.

Hold fast <3


I am so sorry. I know how hard it is switching counselors especially with abandonment issues it’s really hard. What I do know is I’m glad I never gave up on the progress. When I moved I had a hard time finding the right fit found one that changed my life and showed me that it’s possible to dream again. Unfortunately he is leaving soon but I’m trying to see it has a stepping stone in the right direction that I don’t have to start over with my new one but can continue to push through and hopefully this change will help me get out of the rut I’m in. I used to believe those lies that I went to treatment I used be cured going back to counseling was the best thing I did. It saved my life and gives me something to look forward to. For me it’s just being able to talk and get stuff off my chest more than it is so much trying to be fixed. It’s having a place where I can slowly let my walls down and be met in that place. I really hope you can stay with your group one that it can be a positive change even if it takes time getting used to it. Keep pushing forward and I know it’s hard not to let these comments get to you. Just know you deserve help and it’s brave and important to put you first. You matter and aren’t alone in this process. Sorry for the length

I am sorry to hear that your therapist may be leaving. I am the same way. I haven’t been in the therapist leaving situation. But just people leaving in general (be it to a new job, city, or country). So I can relate in that aspect. It’s super hard. I tend to get attached to people, too. But then again, isn’t that human nature? :slight_smile:

I am sorry that your mom is not supportive of you going to therapy. It takes a lot of strength to admit that you need help, and then to seek and find that help. Don’t let your mom get you down! You are doing what you need to do for you, and that’s all that matters!

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