There is Hope, There is Change; Life Update

Hello friends, it’s been a minute but I’m glad to be here.

I wanted to share an update on my life and I pray that it’ll bring hope to someone in need. The past year or so has been an absolute rollercoaster ride, and I’m glad that it has been. I’ve changed so much for the better and nothing could make me happier. Here’s a little background information; in March/April 2021 I started going to semi-intensive therapy for multiple mental illnesses. I was dealing with severe anxiety, bipolar disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). For awhile I was convinced that it wasn’t helping but in the end it helped a lot. Even as I was going to therapy I thought that it could never get better, that I was just doomed to be sad and anxious for the rest of my life, but I’m here to tell you that my thoughts were not true in the slightest. With the the help of therapy and support from family, friends, and Heartsupport, I got out of that extremely dark hole. I’m glad to say that I have been out of therapy for months now and I’m doing better than ever.

I want everyone who is struggling to know that there is hope and change will come. It’s not always an easy road but it’s always worth it. Even in the darkest moments the light is still there, with just a drop of light we can see in the dark. Don’t give up, don’t give in because there is so much more to life than the pain of mental illness, of trauma, of memories, and of abuse. What you deal with is not your fault and healing can come. Life is more than the pain, our story is a collection of sad moments, darkness, hopelessness, but there is also joy, love, healing, and hope. You are more than the pain and darkness, you are someone who is loved, cherished, valued, and worthy of happiness. There are so many voices in our heads that tell us that we are useless, alone, unworthy, hated, and better off ending everything, but they are just voices and they are not the truth. You are worthy of joy and happiness.

I urge anyone who is struggling with anything negative to seek out help through counselling or therapy because it does work, it does help and with support of people who care you can overcome whatever you’re going through. If you don’t have access to those resources, meet people who value and strengthen you, and create a strong support network for yourself to overcome the darkness that you struggle with; whether it be through this forum or somewhere else. There are always people out there who want to help and who want to see you succeed and find hope and joy.

I share these things because I want everyone to know that there is hope, there is always hope, you just have to find it and hold fast to it. I’m not saying that every day will be great, I can say from experience that some days are still hard and some still suck, but they will get easier to handle and deal with- and they won’t feel like the end of the world. We all struggle- and life is hard sometimes, but we are able, and strong enough, to get through those hard moments, especially with the help of others.

You are never alone, there are always people that care and want to see you grow and find hope again.

I thank God for the people at Heartsupport because without them I’m convinced that I wouldn’t have gotten help and be where I am now.

I love you all more than words can explain and I pray that everyone who is struggling finds the hope, the joy, and the life they deserve. You are not your problems. Much love, friends- and hold fast. You mean the world to me. :hrtlegolove:


Thank you for sharing your success and providing hope for others. That you are grateful for the support and personal growth, goes a long way toward re-wiring your brain to the extent that it’s very likely that your life will always be sustained by hope and accomplishment.


Thank you @ofmiceandben for sharing such a heartwarming, thoughtful and ancouraging life update. I have no doubt that this message is going to inspire many. It is so good to hear about your personal journey and how you manage to reflect on it today. Well done for pushing through, giving yourself a chance, giving the people who love you a chance. You are so worthy of all the love, care and support possible. May you never stop walking on this new path, and to keep growing through both the good and bad times.

You are loved. :hrtlegolove:



Hi Friend, Thank you for this and I’m so happy that you have found your way. You’re an inspiration and proof that therapy does work if you let it. ~Mystrose


Hello there,

Thank you for this lovely update. I am proud of you for getting the help that you needed through the time in the valley that you experienced. Thank you for being you. Thank you for bringing your light & joy through this post. You are amazing. You are valid. You are wonderful. You are strong. You matter.

-StarFox :yellow_heart:


From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hi Friend, I love this post, you talk of a small light letting you see in the dark! This post is a light, its a beautiful light and so very welcome. I am grateful to you and for you, you have made those changes in your life to make it better and you have just collectively helped so many by writing this post. Thank you thank you thank you. I wish you a future of peace and happiness. Much Love Lisaloves feathers. x


Reading all the uplifting stories of people who have made it through the dark nights just makes me so proud to be able to celebrate life with them (you).
Morgan shared your post in AG and I’m thankful he did.
We are moulded by the very things that impact us, whether they are good or bad. And in the end we have to decide whether they’ll destroy us or make us stronger. I know those fears of feeling that it’ll destroy me, but the more I live life, the more confident I am that it’s not going to take me down.
I’m so very very thankful for people like yourself who are so very brave and courageous to take those steps to show others “I’m still standing”.