TheWayOfShawn Fan #1

I don’t have anyone I can talk to and it feels like no one wants me around.

I know you don’t know me but I am going to let you know that I’m always open to talk. I know it’s hard to feel alone and feel like you don’t belong but I promise you I feel very blessed right now to even be able to send you this. You are so much stronger than you think. You woke up today and that’s a big accomplishment! I’m so incredibly proud of you for speaking out. Please reach out to me and we can chat alittle more

Hey I am so sorry you are feeling alone. That feeling that no one is opened to hearing you can be really heart breaking and unwanted. First I want you to join the HeartSupport discord so you apart of a community and a place you can come to to vent and be real with a community that people will love you and help you.

Join the Heartsupport stream, We will welcome you with open arms.

Love you. Hit me up on discord if you want to talk.

Hold Fast
Morgan Vincent Hochstetler
HS Intern

Even though it seems cliche, things do get better. In high school I was always the last one called to be hung out with, almost like I was a “last resort friend”. Of course when they need to to vent ai was there, but they never were for me. I was on a few teams and in various clubs and again it felt like no one wanted anything to do with me outside of them. As I transitioned from high school to college, I had a fresh start. I made an effort to put myself out there and talk to my floormates in the dorms. I still have some of those relationships today. Sure we don’t talk all the time or anything, but I still consider them close friends. Please keep on going and when you even have a small opportunity to make a new friend, don’t be afraid to take it. If they aren’t reciprocal, then they aren’t worth your time