Things are slowly working out for me...but still

Okay, so, a couple weeks ago i cut myself for the first time in 1 year. Now i am hooked in the way that i was 1 year ago. Ive been across the country for about 2 months so far and those two months felt extremely lonely. But…I decided to bite the bullet and find friends, I joined a music camp for kids 13-17 and on the first day I saw a girl in a mastadon shirt and we just clicked as friends. Now that halloween is just around the corner and I have her as my friend, I’ll be crashing parties and having a good time with her. She is definitely helping me cope with my issues by just being there for me…but once i started cutting again I’ve been continuously drowning. think of it like this, you are on thin ice, you fall in, and it closes up around you. now imagine if that was happening but you had a snorkel that was sticking out over the ice so you can breathe. my friend is that snorkel…although it doesn’t change the fact that i. am still. technically. drowning.

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@Love_Metal hi! Thank you for posting. I’m sorry that things got to the point where you had to start harming again, but you should be so proud of hitting 1 year, that’s amazing. I’m so glad you have a friend who’s willing to help you - keep talking to her, keep getting close with her. If she knows about your cutting, maybe try having a “code word” that you can text her when you’re urging, if she can help in that moment that’s awesome, but have a back up plan incase she can’t… Have you looked into ReWrite? A resource that HeartSupport made for self harmers and their loved ones, you can buy it from Amazon. If money is an issue for you, they can send you out a free copy… If that’s something you’re interested in then please let me know! It’s an amazing book and helped so many people. Please consider it! <3

Hold Fast

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Hello mate, thanks for sharing.

Think as little objectives. By having more little steps to follow, you’ll see how much easier it is to cope with stuff. You did it for a whole year straight, you can do it for another year. And then another one. You are strong enough to make it!

Wishing you the best Halloween ever, love you

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