Things get better

Yesterday my sponsor said to me as we were leaving our home group, “Things are alot different today then two years ago, huh?” I said, yea, because they are, but didnt realize the significance in what he said. Two years ago yesterday i was sitting below the county courts and had been sentenced to 2 1/2 - 71/2 years in state prison. I did 23 months upstate before being released on my first parole board. Today i am coming up on 4 years clean and sober. I have a job i love, an amazing girlfriend, a supportive family, supportive recovery community, i eat healthy and i work out, and i have found some spirituality. I am a recovering alcoholic/addict today. I say all of this only in the hopes that someone out there struggling with addiction may find hope. 3 1/2 years ago i was hopeless. I was a junkie and a drunk. I saw no other way out but an overdose. And somehow, i was saved. The only reason i can think of is because im supposed to try to help other people and thats what i try to do. If you need help, reach out, fight for it like your life depends on it because it does. I could not do it alone which was a hard lesson to learn but one of the greatest. As the saying goes, if i can do it, so can you, and i believe that wholeheartedly.


@Dscherm Thank you for sharing. I’m glad you are in a better place. God bless you.

Thanks for sharing. It’s great to hear your life is going great! You are a blessing

Love you

Thank you for sharing this, I’m sure it will inspire many.

There is hope and this is just another example.

Thank you once again.

Hold fast.


That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing, it’s super cool to hear how much better things can get.