Things happening in my life

I have been able to start age regressing* again and its so nice to be able to be in a head space where I feel moderately safe and happy, I’m also saving up for a new xbox so I will be able to play slime rancher 2 when that releases.

I am completely over my ex now! we met up in person a few days ago, as we have decided to remain friends, and I had definitely fallen out of love with him in that last month, he is doing his best to check up on me and make sure I’m doing well which is nice, we are much better as friends.

I am starting to think I should switch my gender label from Genderfluid to Demiboy but I do rather the flexibility of Genderfluid I just don’t think I will ever present as a woman, I will continue to present femme though, I know its a minor thing to worry about but labels are some of the only things I have control of so its a big thing for me.

My spotify playlist finally got over 800 songs which I’m super happy about
and I have like 3 new favorite songs which are

  • Pool Boyz by diet cig
  • Pressed 2 Death by illuminati hotties
  • Full Screen by adult mom

I haven’t really been able to leave the house much cos I feel a bit ill. My cousin moved back in with us which I’m on the fence about, he is a bit bigoted but so is most of my family.

*Age regression, AKA agere, is a coping mechanism or trauma response where your mindset reverts back to a younger age, it can be voluntary or involuntary, the age that someone will regress to is completely dependent on the person, I personally regress anywhere between 1-7 depending on my environment and what triggered it. It is completely sfw.

I drew this drawing of myself in little headspace it took about 5 hours



Hi Friend. I’m glad that you are over your boyfriend. Now you can focus on yourself and be free. You’re in the process of learning about yourself and you need people in your life who will support you. I’m happy for you! ~Mystrose


From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hi Friend, Thanks for your post, I am really impressed with how far you have come in such a short time, I think its great that you have met up with your ex and agreed to stay friends that is just perfect, some people make wonderful friends but not such great life partners, also taking control of all the other aspects of your life is another great way of moving forward and im really proud of you for that. I hope that you continue to grow, keep doing your art and enjoy your music and that your life gets better and better. Much Love Lisa. x


From: Dr Hogarth

Fantastic to hear that you are over your ex and that you’ve managed to stay friends. Staying friends with ex-partners is something many people are not able to achieve!

It sounds like you’re making so really important life decisions and I’m really proud of you. Dealing with past trauma is hard and I admire you for taking that journey. x


From: SuchBlue

Hi Candy,

It’s good that you feel like you’ve done some sort of progress. You’ve been able to keep in contact with your ex and I’m glad that things have stabilised for you. You’re still deciding things and progressing in life, but at least you’ve done stuff and you’re saving up, it seems like you’re having a better life! :hrtlegolove:


There is a lot to be said for the thought process of a child. Children are rarely inclined to regress and regret. Their focus tends to remain solely in the moment. They usually know exactly what emotions they are experiencing and the reasons for them. They are more likely to express rather than suppress their feelings. Emotions may be a raw, and all encompassing, but their release is usually much more complete.

I am glad that you have that emotional “safe zone.”

At the same time, you have demonstrated emotional maturity in maintaining a friendship with your ex.

You must be a delightful person to have for company.


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