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Things really suck!

Hey everyone!!! Things just suck!! I am in recovery from the two drug relapses and now anything I eat… my stomach just starts to hurt!! These drugs really fucked me up for sure!!! I wish it never happened. I wish I could just tell my mom I relapsed on prescription pills twice and then it would be a lot easier for her to understand. But I cannot because then that would be the end of my Film School career and I have 2 1/2 years left to go with school. It’s miserable each time I eat something my stomach starts to hurt just from those two relapses. I am 8 days drug-free now… but it’s miserable. I try to not eat stuff, but my mom makes me eat because I take my regular pills due to my… disability so it’s hard, it’s hard to have to go through this pain. I do go to the doctor for a checkup on Wednesday… so I don’t know what to tell him or her. But it is so miserable each and every day having to go through this pain after having to eat
I’m now starting to feel like I’m dying from those two relapses… I feel like as if my insides are failing. I am really not feeling that well. I hope nothing serious is wrong with me. I do go see my doctor for a checkup on Wednesday, so I hope I’m alright. I just hope these two relapses didn’t do any heavy damage to me. I feel ten times worse from those two relapses.


Hey friend,

I don’t quite know what to say in response to this, as I have never dealt with drug relapses at all. With this in mind, I want you to know that you are heard, and that you are loved. Relapse is not a straight path, nothing in life truly is. It may be hard to go through recovery, but we are here for you.

Hold Fast.

Hey! So glad you have an appointment soon so you can get checked out, thats great. It will get much better im sure the longer you are off the pills. Take care of yourself. Dont try to eat full heavy meals all at once. Take baby steps. Eat foods that will be easy on your stomach at first and ease into eating. Make sure you are keeping hydrated too. I can imagine what you are going through is so hard. You are very strong. Keep going, you got this friend !!

Thanks. It has not been easy at all. I have tried telling my mom that my stomach has been hurting a lot now but she doesn’t understand. I cannot tell her the truth from the two drug relapses that I had or that will be the end of my film school, so it is really hard for me. Thanks for the tip in staying hydrated I have not been drinking much water lately. Every time I try eating afterwards my stomach is just not stong enough for any of it. So it has been hard keeping this from her and my sister

I can imagine hiding it is very difficult. Again I do not understand what its like to deal with a drug addiction but when I self harmed frequently I had cuts all over my body and feared hiding that and keeping it a secret especially in the summer. My parents are harsh about mental health things so that was extremely stressful and I was in a position where I felt if they found out my world would completely crumble. So i know what its like feeling like you are hiding a dark secret. I am so glad despite that you were able to get that doctors appointment. Please update how your feeling & how it went/ goes! And im so glad the reminder to drink water was helpful. That can really do good

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