This breakdown was rough made my eyes water i suff

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This breakdown was rough, made my eyes water. I suffer from Sever Anxiety and Panic attack disorder w/ depression. i am very introverted but i hate being alone lol. As for the self ending there was a moment maybe 3 years ago where things were just so so so dark. that i decided i was done. The choice was made. Its not that i wanted to die i just wanted the noise to end, like static (your thoughts like a hurricane) then i saw my husky running around and i snapped out it. She saved me because even if it sounds dumb i thought no she wont understand why im gone or where i am or why she wont see again and that is what saved me. To this day even if im at the darkest place ill fight though it. to quote Dumbledorrrr “one simply needs to turn on the light”


Hi. Thank you for sharing your story and how you relate! We are glad you are still here! Anxiety Disorders/Depression can be a tough battle, I also experience these things. I’m glad that you had a pet in your life that was able to be there for you, and help you see the light. If you ever are struggling, and do need to let out your emotions. Feel free to share with us at HeartSupport. We got your back <3 Hope you are having a good weekend.

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Hey Friend!

First of all I admire your bravery and strength in being so open about your story and journey. I’m sure you don’t need a reminder of this, but it takes immense courage to be so open and willing to share such stories. I do truly admire your vulnerability. Living with severe anxiety, panic attacks, and depression is undoubtedly challenging, but your resilience shines through brightly.

It’s definitely clear you’ve faced some undoubtably dark moments. These moments have made the weight of the world seem unbearable. However, in the midst of all the darkness, you found a reason to keep fighting! Your husky, with her playful spirit and unconditional love, became your beacon of light in the storm. It’s not silly at all to find solace and strength in the bond you share with your furry companion. Animals have an incredible way of grounding us, reminding us of the beauty and joy that still exists in the world, even when everything else feels bleak.

Your experience reminds me of the power of connection, even in the most difficult times. The love and loyalty of your husky pulled you back from the brink, reminding you that you are needed, wanted, and loved. And while the road ahead may still have its challenges, you’ve proven time and time again that you possess the strength and determination to overcome them.

The quote from Dumbledore beautifully encapsulates the essence of your journey. Even in the darkest of times, there is always a glimmer of light, a spark of hope waiting to be ignited. You’ve already shown that you have the resilience to turn on that light, to push through the darkness and emerge stronger on the other side.

Remember, you are not alone in this journey. There are people who care about you deeply, who want to support you and see you thrive. And your husky, your loyal companion, will continue to be by your side, offering her unwavering love and companionship. You’ve already come so far, and I have no doubt that you will continue to conquer whatever challenges come your way. Keep fighting, keep believing in yourself, and never forget the light that shines within you.

With Love - EvilGenius :heart:

So thankful that you are still here today with us - and thankful for your husky to be around at the time! Rest assured that it doesn’t sound silly at all, on the contrary, it makes totally sense. Anxiety/panic and depression is this perfect combo that has this way to be so silent on appearance yet so loud when you’re the one living with it… it’s understandable that you were longing for peace and quiet at the time. The inner dialogue we have within can feel like witnessing an endless battle, which is freaking exhausting. Still you are here, you chose life, and are now offering such a beautiful testimony.

I hope that, since then, you’ve been navigating the hurdles of depression and anxiety with a lot of compassion for yourself. You’re a freaking warrior, and somehow from these experiences we can learn to extend our ability to love, including to love ourselves better. You deserve to be on this healing path yourself, and for any of the dark days to be filled with a warm, new light. Hold fast, friend.