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This feeling

Just sitting here with overwhelming sadness. I get these alot and i don’t know how to explain them. I was literally fine 2 hours ago. Nothing is going on just depressed. Am i alone with this. Am i just crazy? Or is this normal for depression and anxiety


I really do not have a lot to say, but I can tell you this. You most definitely are not alone. I can’t exactly say it normal because what the hell is normal, but nonetheless this is normal with depression and anxiety. The good news is that you’re in the right group for advice and kind words. You’re not going crazy friend!

Hold Fast and Stay Strong :blush:


I agree nobody is “normal” . I get that way to sometimes. Just stuck in my head I start listening to the negative thoughts . I struggle with depression. I know it can be hard to shake that low dark feeling . But just keep trying . I’m here if you want to chat about anything! All my love T


You’re definitely not alone with this. How you feel is never wrong in itself. And, if you’re carrying those burdens called depression and anxiety, then it really makes sense to have these ups and downs. Some days I can be really fine then suddenly feeling overwhelmed by sadness, and crying my soul out a moment after.

There’s nothing wrong with you. Those are some heavy emotions to handle. It has a reason to be. Sometimes it helps to journal about those, while feeling a bit better for example. Sometimes it also helps to share about these moments with others or a therapist. In any case, you’re definitely not crazy! Only human. :hrtlegolove:

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